4Warn St. Louis Forecast

4Warn Forecast: More storms this week

Morning Drive:  68.  Scattered showers and an isolated thunderstorm. Wind: SE 10 mph

Wednesday: High 78, Nighttime Low 68. Cooler with scattered storms likely.  Rain chance 70% Wind: SE 4-8 mph.

Thursday: High 79, Nighttime Low 65. Scattered Storms, rain chance 70%.

Friday: High 76, Nighttime Low 57. Mainly morning storms, then turning less humid late day and evening. Rain chance 50%

Saturday: High 75, Nighttime Low 56. Partly to mostly sunny.  

Sunday: High 76, Nighttime Low 56. Mostly Sunny.

Monday: High 80, Nighttime low 60. Mostly Sunny. 

Tuesday: High 86, Nighttime low 68. Mostly sunny and warmer.

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