St. Louis and surrounding areas will have to continue to deal with this dangerous heat and humidity.

This is the first major outbreak of high heat and humidity this year. The peak heat index will be at or over 100° and overnight temperatures and humidity will remain abnormally high.

The highest heat index readings will impact the St. Louis metropolitan area. that's where an Excessive Heat Warning is in effect through 8 p.m. Tuesday with heat index readings from 100° to 105° on Tuesday afternoon.

A Heat Advisory will be in effect for outlying areas outside the St. Louis metro until Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. Slightly lower heat index values will peak near 100°.

The combination of temperatures in the upper 90s and high humidity will lead to an increased risk of heat-related stress and illness. Most susceptible are the very young, the elderly, those without air conditioning and those participating in strenuous outdoor activities.

Remember, car interiors can reach lethal temperatures in just minutes, so don’t leave pets or children unattended in cars without air conditioning. To report an animal in distress, contact the City of St. Louis Citizen's Service Bureau at 800-427-4626.

Stay hydrated and pay attention to your body.

To help citizens during the heat wave, Cooldown St. Louis is aiding seniors, disabled residents and low-income households with air-conditioning and utilities. The United Way of Greater St. Louis is offering referrals for cooling sites in the area.

Heat is the number one weather-related cause of death in the United States every year.

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