ST. LOUIS ( - When the Saint Louis University High School football team hits the field Saturday, players will be wearing the "safest football helmets."

Thanks to an anonymous donor, the team will be the first in the state to have their entire team donning Vicis Zero1 helmets.

"It's a little bit bigger and a little bit heavier but the mass center is more in the middle right here and when you see it on a kid it sits up a little higher," said Junior Billikens Head Coach Micheal Jones. 

The company boasts that these are the safest helmets currently available. The helmets were designed by the world's leading athletes, engineers, and neurosurgeons.

Jones, a former NFL Rams' player, was aware of them before they came to the his program. 

"A lot of guys in the NFL wear these types of helmets so I was familiar with them." he said. "They were looking for what is the best what is the best thing we can do to make this game safer and they have the technology that I believe other helmets may not have."

While the outside may look slightly larger, it's the inside that's different.

The custom fit of the helmet and unique padding is supposed to reduce head impact severity better than any other.

St. Louis University High School Athletic Director Chris Muskopf added that "there's no prefect piece of equipment of any kind that's going to absolutely guarantee no risk of injury."

"We believed right away that these would be a step in the right direction," said Muskopf.

Jones hopes this will also be a step in the right direction to make the game he loves safer

"I know the young men are excited about the helmets and I know we are trying to teach the right techniques and with all of those different things hopefully you will have a safer game," said Jones. 

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