At what point are parents no longer responsible for the actions of their children?

When the child is ... 20 ... 30 ... 40?

Over the Labor Day Weekend of 2002 ... St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa's daughter was involved in a wreck. Aimie Mokwa who was 27 at the time .. was driving a car she got from the city impound lot.

That's just one of the cases involving Aimie and cars from the impound lot; now, there are serious questions about how she got the cars and questions about some police officers who did the same thing. A federal investigation is now underway ... but this blog is not about that inquiry.

I want to focus on today's news conference with Police Chief Joe Mokwa.

Chief Mokwa insists that he broke no laws ... did nothing improper regarding Aimie and the car deals. Obviously, there are still a lot of questions about what Chief Mokwa knew .. when .. and what exactly he did.

Again, that will be part of the full investigation ... but aside from Chief Mokwa's denials ... and credibility ... he said some other things in that news conference that other parents can understand.

Aimie has had a troubled life; News Four Investigative Reporter Craig Cheatham reported on Aimie's convictions for drug possession, theft and endangering a child.

In the midst of this whirlwind controversy filled with questions about the truth and lies ... about Chief Mokwa's statements and actions ... there is this FACT: He has a daughter and grandchildren he loves.

How many parents could watch that news conference (which you can see on the KMOV.COM website) ... and not feel the weight of a parent at his wits end?

You could hear the parental grief, frustration and sadness in Chief Mokwa's voice. You could see it in his face.

How many parents have endured a similiar journey? Loving your kids, praying for your kids, teaching them right from wrong ... and in the end ... the efforts fail?

I remember a pastor who once told me: There are times when a good child comes from a bad family. And, there are times when a bad child comes from a good family. But each is the exception ... not the rule.

I don't know how Aimie was raised ... but by all standards, Aimie is an adult ... and has been for a long time. But to Chief Mokwa .. she is still his little girl... and the mother of his grandchildren.

As a parent ... our children ... are always ... our children.

While we don't always love "what" they do ... we love them.

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