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Weather Discussion: 

Saturday Morning to early afternoon: Our next round of storms will hit the region Saturday morning to early afternoon.  There is still some uncertainty on exact timing in the St. Louis metro, we could see storms as early as 7AM or holding off until around noon.  The latest model trend is for the first round of storms to focus north/northeast of St. Louis with another round hitting the metro late morning to early afternoon.

Saturday evening: Those earlier day storms will move southeast and out of the area, then new storms will flare up in the evening, although those storms should be focused south/southwest of St. Louis, so there's at least hope we can avoid a rainout at Busch Stadium Saturday evening, but check back for updates. 

Flooding and low severe threat:  Any of Saturday's storms may produce heavy downpours hitting some areas multiple times.  So, flooding is a concern Saturday.  We also have a low risk for a severe storms, mainly from St. Louis south and west.  

Saturday:  Low 67/High 78.  Heavy showers and storms possible, especially in the morning to early afternoon.  Some of these storms can produce flooding downpours and there is a low severe risk near and south/southwest of St. Louis.   New storms flare up during the evening, mainly south of St. louis.

Sunday:  Low 66/High 85.  Partly sunny with a 20% chance for a spot storm in the afternoon.  

Monday: Low 65/High 82.  Mostly sunny with lower humidity and below normal temperatures.

Tuesday: Low 63/High 82.  Mostly sunny.

Wednesday: Low 64/High 85.  Mostly sunny.

Thursday: Low 65/High 86. Mostly sunny.

Friday: Low 66/High 87.  Partly cloudy.