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Ava DuVernay has put her stamp on a new reality TV project, Home Sweet Home.

The Oscar-nominated director executive produces the series, which sees 18 families from all different cultural backgrounds swapping houses to see how others live. As DuVernay told ET's Kevin Frazier, she created Home Sweet Home in hopes to show how we just might be more alike than we imagined.

"The core of Home Sweet Home is curiosity," DuVernay explained. "The idea is, if you can have dinner in someone's home, if you can walk a mile in their shoes and sleep a night in their bed, what would you find? More similarities? More differences?"

"We're not saying that we should all have a 'hold your hands, kumbaya moment.' That's not the point of this," she continued. "The point of this is respect difference, celebrate difference, understand difference. and if we can do that we can come to a place of understanding."

Inspiration for the project came to DuVernay during the pandemic, thinking about who she welcomed into her home while in quarantine.

"Seventy-six percent of Americans have never been in the home of someone outside of their dominant identity," she stated. "Until I was an adult in college I'd never been inside the home of a white family and had dinner."

The show is meant to show a positive side of people coming together and learning about their cultures and lives. No drama. No conflict. Just learning and appreciating.

"I think the question is, 'Is this what people want right now?' I would hope it is," she said. "But it remains to be seen. It was really important for me that this be on a network that was free to everyone because I want to make sure that the widest possible swab of people could enjoy it and learn from it."

As for what she learned from creating the show and watching these families interact? "I learned so much," DuVernay acknowledged. "I learned so much about terms, language, customs, ways of being [and] challenged my own assumptions."

"Our homes are where we can be most ourselves," she continued, adding that she hopes by being in someone else's home there is a "deeper understanding of one another."

Home Sweet Home airs Fridays on NBC.


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Image Ava DuVernay Breaks Down the Idea Behind New Social Experiment ‘Home Sweet Home’


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Katey Sagal is recovering after being hit by a car. The 67-year-old actress was hit by the vehicle while crossing a Los Angeles street as a pedestrian on Thursday, TMZ reports.

According to the website, the driver of the car stopped to help Sagal, before she was transported to the hospital via ambulance.

ET has learned Sagal is going to be fine and is able to go home and rest.

It's currently unclear if the driver was cited for the accident. ET has reached out to Sagal's rep for comment. 

Sagal is currently starring on The Conners. She previously appeared on RebelShamelessSons of Anarchy8 Simple Rules and Married... With Children.

Sagal has been married to Kurt Sutter since 2004, and they share a 14-year-old daughter, Esme. She's also mom to Jackson, 25, and Sarah, 27, from a previous relationship.

Watch the video below for more on the actress.


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Image Katey Sagal


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Nearly 25 years after I Know What You Did Last Summer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt debuted in theaters, the slasher franchise is back. Only this time, it’s a psychological horror series adapted for a whole new generation of fans. Showrunner Sara Goodman explains to ET how the Amazon show will reference both the films and Lois Duncan’s 1973 novel, which the whole franchise is based on, while carving out new ground for the familiar story about a group of teenagers stalked by a killer one year after they tried to cover up their involvement in a fatal car crash.  

“You know, they were very different from each other,” Goodman says, referring to the novel and the first film. “But I love the premise that they both have, and that’s what we used. The book was much more psychological, so the show has a lot of psychological, mystery and horror as well. And there’s little shout-outs to the movie throughout the show.”  

When it comes to those references, “there's little prop Easter eggs and shout-outs like that,” she explains. “But I felt like I couldn’t do anything that wasn’t organic to the characters in the story of this world.” With that said, don’t expect Lennon (Madison Iseman) to recreate Hewitt’s iconic “What are you waiting for” scene or anything like that.  

I Know What You Did Last Summer

In this version of the franchise, Lennon and her friends, Dylan (Ezekiel Goodman), Johnny (Sebastian Amoruso), Margot (Brianne Tju) and Riley (Ashley Moore), are haunted by a car accident leading to the death of one of their friends. And a year later, they find themselves reunited as they try to piece together who’s after them before their horrifying secret is revealed.  

But given that this story unfolds over eight hours, there’s a lot more to explore, including the dark side of their seemingly perfect town as they get deeper into their own living nightmare.  

“To tell a straight slasher on television, you can’t. There’s only so much running and stabbing,” Goodman says, explaining how she expanded this story for a series by bringing in those suspenseful and psychological elements while the central teenagers are also dealing with real issues coming from themselves. “I wanted to make all of that danger still and at the same time be able to ground the characters.”  

In this case, the things Dylan, Johnny, Lennon, Margot and Riley are dealing with include everything from how they present themselves versus their own isolation, the way they act out against each other, and realizing they barely know each other. 

Additionally, “to make serialized television, you need to make sure that you have more than just one story and that’s more important than being true to the original, underlying material,” she continues. And like any good teen series, that means the inclusion of parents.  

Since Goodman previously worked on Gossip Girl, she understands how to incorporate adults into this kind of world and make them just as messy or dysfunctional as their kids. “I think that was one of the other positive things for me about doing a show, which is these people come from families. We don’t just come into the world with our dysfunction, our families give it to us,” she explains, adding that their presence “helps deepen the characters. You then understand their decision-making processes, understand their defense mechanisms, understand why they keep the secrets they keep or share them.”  

But before any slasher fan gets too worried that this series will not have enough killing or fall into the trappings of other adaptations, like MTV’s attempt at Scream, Goodman promises “there are lots of killing and I would be wary of falling in love with any character.” 

“It was very important to me for everyone to know that anyone can die, and that people will and that I'm going to take the gore one step further,” she continues, adding that the series doesn’t just bring in a character to kill them. “I didn’t want to kill anyone without knowing them.”  

At the end of the day, what makes I Know What You Did Last Summer worth watching is that “it delivers on the horror and the fun, and that the characters will keep you there. It has some depth and surprises and lots of mystery,” Goodman concludes. Indeed, it does!  

Want to watch I Know What You Did Last Summer? The first four episodes are now streaming on Amazon. New episodes debut every Friday. (We may receive an affiliate commission if you subscribe to a service through our links.)

Watch Now


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Image I Know What You Did Last Summer


Stacy Lambe

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Ant Anstead and Renee Zellweger know how to enjoy some traveling. As it turns out, being celebs hasn't necessarily kept them from taking in the touristy side of sightseeing.

The Celebrity IOU: Joyride host walked the carpet at a Los Angeles screening of the new Discovery+ documentary Introducing Selma Blair -- which debuts Oct. 21 -- and he spoke with ET's Nischelle Turner about his high-profile romance with Renee Zellweger, and the time they've been spending in the Big Easy.

"She's in New Orleans at the moment doing a drama, The Thing About Pam, which is amazing," Anstead shared "I went out there a couple weeks ago to spend some time with her and am heading back out there this weekend."

According to the TV personality, the pair of them are both fans of exploring the iconic city's rich culture and colorful stories.

"I am fascinated by history. I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes down to it, so Renee and I did one of those ghost tours," Anstead said. "Bear in mind I am from London, where there's very old history, but wow, pirates, voodoo, all of it."

"We wandered into this little jazz room, and it was really amazing," he continued. "She's a good traveler and she's been to that city before, so it's nice. Looking forward to getting back."

While Zellweger's been filming in New Orleans, Anstead said he's been battling a bit of sleep deprivation, largely in part to his 2-year-old son, Hudson, whom he shares with ex-wife Christina Haack.

"I think, when a child hits two, they call it the Terrible Twos for a reason," he explained. "I'd like to think that you try and get a routine and the moment that you give in they win. And I've given in! So I've been joining Hudson in bed at 4 o'clock every morning."

"I try and steal a few extra hours of sleep but the truth is that I'm [usually] half awake making sure I don't roll over," added Anstead -- who is also the father to 18-year-old daughter Amelie and 15-year-old son Archie, from his previous marriage.

This past summer, Anstead opened up to ET about unexpectedly falling for Zellweger while shooting his show, Celebrity IOU: Joyride.

"Sometimes things come to you at the right time, and actually the right time is often the most unexpected," he shared. "There's absolutely no way it was something I expected, but there's something magical in that, right?"

Check out the video below to hear more about the adorable couple.


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Image Ant Anstead and Renée Zellweger Go Instagram Official, Show Major PDA


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Kate Beckinsale is one proud mom! However, as her daughter, Lily, embraces her own burgeoning career in front of the camera, Beckinsale says she's letting her forge her own path.

ET's Matt Cohen spoke with the Guilty Party actress recently, and she opened up about helping her 22-year-old daughter, and how she gives advice "only when asked."

"I'm not calling her up and saying, 'Now, I've got a pearl of wisdom, get ready!'" Beckinsale explained. "It's been very important to me to be very independent in that respect."

"So even though she used my last name, and had my last name growing up, I think that's such of kind of an obvious one, she's not using that for her acting," continued Beckinsale, who shares Lily with her ex, actor Michael Sheen.

"I think, you know, it's onerous enough to sort of look like me, you know, and me being her mother anyway and her having the same name. She's been asked since she was about 3 months old like, 'Oh, are you going to be an actress like your mother?'"

"[So] I think it's really important to her to have her own thing and blaze her own trail and do her own stuff," Beckinsale added. "So as much as it's quite difficult not to kind of be poking into her business all the time, I really do respect that and I admire how much she wants to be independent from us."

As for Beckinsale, the actress is currently starring in a new dark comedy series, Guilty Party, in which she plays a disgraced journalist trying to revive her career with a story about a women who claims to be wrongfully imprisoned for her husband's murder.

According to Beckinsale, the project is a relatable one for her because of how much she's delved into the world of true crime stories.

"We're all watching true crime avidly! And what I find quite disturbing is when I'm really homesick, I'm looking up British serial killers now. It's so weird," Beckinsale said. "I am one of those women who finds it comforting and worries about all that."

Beckinsale's new series, Guilty Party, debuts Oct. 14 on Paramount+.


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Image Kate Beckinsale on New Crime-Comedy ‘Guilty Party’ and Her Daughter’s Acting Career (Exclusive)


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Could another Melrose Place star be heading over to Beverly Hills? Don't count on it.

On Thursday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show,Heather Locklear revealed whether she'll be joining her Melrose Place co-star, Lisa Rinna, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"I'm so not interesting, no," Locklear said, putting the rumor to rest. "I'm not interesting enough."

She added, "I don't drink, and I'm like, 'Eh, that's not quite what I want to do.'"

While it doesn't sound like she's going to be a Bravo star anytime soon, Locklear is starring in a new Lifetime movie, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story, executive produced by Meghan McCain and starring Candace Cameron Bure's daughter, Natasha Bure.

Bure, 23, admitted to ET that she was initially intimated to work with Locklear, but that all changed once they started shooting scenes together. 

"She is the most kind, funny, hysterical, outgoing woman I have ever met," she said of the 60-year-old actress. "We clicked instantaneously. She's just the greatest."

The TV movie is about Kristine Carlson (Locklear) and husband Dr. Richard Carlson (Jason MacDonald), co-authors of the best-selling book series Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, who share an amazing life until Richard dies. After her husband's death, Kristine is knocked off balance.

McCain said it was both Locklear's professional and personal background that she felt made her perfect to take on this role.

"She's taken a break from acting and she's gone through struggles of her own and I thought that her sort of rawness and openness with her struggles would be something that would be great for the movie," McCain explained to ET. "I just thought that after hearing the direction she's going in her career, she talks openly after she had prayed and trying to manifest projects that are more serious and more in the place that she is in her life, I just thought it was like a perfect fit."

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff debuts Saturday on Lifetime.


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Image Lisa Rinna Heather Locklear


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It's Addison Montgomery day!

Kate Walsh kicks off her anticipated return to Grey's Anatomy as the beloved OB/GYN on Thursday's episode, and she shared her excitement over her multi-episode arc with ET's Nischelle Turner over Zoom on Monday evening from Australia, where she's currently residing.

"Completely surreal," Walsh said of being back on Grey's. "Like, there's no way to even articulate it. I knew it would be odd but it was so emotional, and so big and yeah, beyond, because when's the last time you've ever gone back to a job that you started 18 years ago that you left 10 years ago? You know what I'm saying? There's no infrastructure. There's no construct for it because even if you say, 'Oh, it's kind of like going home to your parents,' and you're like, 'Wait, this is my room? OK, yeah, that's right I have an airplane bed.'"

When Walsh re-emerges in the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, she comes in to work on a complicated medical case and also to whip the new class of residents into shape. Because, as the preview hints, they've gotten a little too lax. The 54-year-old actress, who was a series regular on Grey's for seasons 2 and 3 before leading her own spinoff, Private Practice, for six seasons, hasn't stepped into Addison's high heels in nearly a decade.

"We had been talking about it for a while, [me] coming back and just having a little visit. It's such an iconic show, it was such an important show for me in my life, in my career and so [executive producer/showrunner] Krista [Vernoff] and I had been talking and trying to find a time where it was the right time for Grey's and storylines and scheduling and all of that," Walsh revealed. "And I thought, you know what? This is the right time. Also the story, the writing is so great and I mentioned this before but Jamie Denbo, who is a longtime friend of mine, wrote this first episode that I appear in and it was so great. The writing is... classic, I would say vintage Grey's. It's that fine line in making you laugh and cry hopefully."

"It was so emotional and I think it will be also for the fans. I think in every interview I've ever done in the last 10 years or whatever, it was like, 'Would you ever go back?'" she continued. "And so guess what, yes is the answer. I am doing it, I did it, so I hope that people are going to really love it. I have gotten really positive feedback from a few people behind the scenes after seeing the episode and are really excited."

Grey's Anatomy
Eric McCandless/ABC

Walsh also discussed the promo teasing her return episode, acknowledging that her fiery entrance was a bit of a nod to her dramatic introduction in the season 1 finale back in 2005 when Addison unexpectedly appeared and uttered the famous line to Meredith, "You must be the woman who's been screwing my husband."

"It was funny when we first did that in the Zoom table read too. It was very funny," she recalled of her updated line longtime Grey's fans would appreciate. "I was like, OK, this is awesome. It's a total wink and a nod, total kitsch moment." 

She admitted she was initially "worried" and "nervous" about her reintroduction back into the Grey's universe. "I said to Krista and the delightful and amazingly talented Chandra Wilson, who plays Bailey, who also directs a lot of the episodes now -- she directed the episode. It was like old homeschool week and I felt in such great hands. I said to her, 'It's so weird how you immediately become an actress -- 'Wait does my hair look OK? Did I do it OK?' You just become this quivering insecure person and so in that moment you just have to land it and I'm like, 'I hope it worked!'"

Walsh played coy when asked about the state of Addison and Meredith's relationship now, following a roller coaster of ups and downs. 

"I can't talk about it too much because it kind of unfolds and it's a big reveal in this episode. But I think Addison has always respected her and I think that she has always respected Addison's professional skills and where they are. It's one of my favorite scenes -- you see in the promos, the 'Get me Meredith Grey,'" she teased, sharing that she sticks around for at least two episodes. "So we get to work together in this episode and there's some good personal stuff that comes up too. It will be really surprising and satisfying to fans but in a very surprising way. That's all I can say."

With the renewed interest in her character amid her return, could Walsh foresee a future where she pops back into Grey's for an extended period of time? She didn't exactly close the door on the idea, but noted there were logistical obstacles that would make a longer arc difficult.

"I don't know about that," she admitted. I've got other commitments right now and I am kind of halfway around the world most of the time," Walsh said, referring to her home base in Australia. "She's the classic unavailable mother character. Like, bye, I’m here and then I’m gone. I did two episodes and then you’ll see what happens."

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. For more, watch below.

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Image Kate Walsh


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Two years after season 2 ended in October 2019, Succession is finally back with its third season. Despite the delay, the Emmy-winning HBO drama picks up where things left off in the shocking finale as the series continues to follow the lives of the Roy family as its members viciously fight for control of Waystar RoyCo and stake claim in what they think is rightfully theirs. Speaking with ET’s Rachel Smith ahead of the premiere, the ensemble cast, including Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook and others, teased what’s in store for season 3, which is easily the best that creator and showrunner Jesse Strong has delivered yet. 

“It’s exciting [to be back]” Snook said. “Like, we were waiting two years to start shooting it. So to have it coming out and seeing what we created… we are proud that we managed to do it in the midst of the pandemic.” 

Despite winning seven Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series and two acting trophies for Strong and guest star Cherry Jones, Culkin said there was no added concern about coming back. “I don’t really pay attention to all that stuff,” he shared. “I don’t really feel that kind of pressure.” 

“I think we all just feel very confident about this show. The writing is just rock solid. The characters are so fun. The cast is amazing,” J. Smith-Cameron added. 

How Season 2 Ended and What to Expect From Season 3

If anyone is feeling the weight on his shoulders, it’s Kendall. “He feels a lot of pressure to make good on this move that he’s made in the final moment of the second season and to be victorious,” Strong said. 

After it becomes clear that there’s no escaping blame for the cruise incidents at the end of season 2, the Roys spend their holiday yachting in the Mediterranean debating over who should be the company’s scapegoat. Logan (Cox) ultimately chooses Kendall (Strong), who always thought of himself as his father’s successor before learning that he was never going to choose his son as CEO. After returning to New York City with his cousin, Greg (Nicholas Braun), who is in possession of potentially incriminating documents, Kendall goes rogue and during a press conference blames Logan and holds him responsible for all the company’s misconduct and mishandling of subsequent legal settlements.  

Succession Season 3

Not long after being ambushed, season 3 sees Logan in a perilous position as he scrambles to secure alliances, whether it’s familial, political or financial. Of course, he can’t just make any move, or too quickly. “He has to think about it, and that’s what he’s doing,” Cox said of the premiere as his character initially assesses the fallout of Kendall’s press conference. 

But as tensions rise among the ranks, especially amid the threat of legal repercussions and losing power of WayStar, that just means more infighting and positioning for the remaining Roy siblings, Connor (Alan Ruck), Shiv (Snook) and Roman (Culkin), as well as Long’s top team members, Shiv’s husband, Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), COO Frank Vernon (Peter Friedman), general counsel Gerri Kellman (Smith-Cameron) and communications executive Hugo Baker (Fisher Stevens). 

Where each of them fall, with Logan or with Kendall, is to be determined, especially as the two engage in a public civil war. When it comes to Shiv, who was close to gaining control over Waystar before Logan shut down a merger with PGM, “she’s got to decide which side she wants to be on,” Snook said, teasing that instead of “Team Kendall or Team Logan, Shiv would rather be Team Shiv.” 

Succession Season 3

Meanwhile, “Tom is worrying about where Greg is and he is also still reeling from the conversation he and his wife had on the beach,” Macfadyen said, referring to Tom and Shiv getting brutally honest about the state of their marriage. “So, the show picks up immediately after where season 2 left off, and I am still trying to work out what is happening. Everyone is in crisis mode a little bit.” 

As for Connor, the often overlooked eldest son whose political ambitions were squashed by Logan, Ruck said, “He’s on the outside knocking on the glass just saying, ‘Let me in. Somebody, let me in.’” 

Succession Season 3

If there’s one person who has the toughest decision to make it is Greg, who is still in New York with Kendall after the press conference, but is still employed by WayStar. “I think that’s Greg’s debacle this season, like, which side does he play? He’s actually got three sides to play. He’s got the Kendall side, he’s got the Logan side, and he’s got his grandfather’s side,” Braun said, referring to Logan’s older brother, Ewan (James Cromwell), who despises the company.   

“So, I think that’s the big question for him: ‘Who do I settle with?’ And I think he makes a lot of wrong decisions in there somewhere,” Braun added.

Perhaps the most assured as one can be about what’s happening, it’s Kendall. “He is airborne now,” Strong teased, adding that he’s ready for what comes next. “It’s, like, ‘Here it comes!’”  

Returning Faces and A-List Guest Stars

Speaking of Cromwell, he’s one of many returning faces that were first introduced in seasons 1 or 2. In keeping with his character, Cromwell said the Roys “are all reprehensible.” As Ewan, he believes they should “take responsibility for what they’re creating all around them.” 

Justine Lupe, who plays his disinterested girlfriend, Willa Ferreyra, added that she’s “hanging with old Connor” as everything goes down in season 3. “Willa’s running a play that has flopped but she’s still moving along,” Lupe said of the play Sands.  

One of the few remaining allies of Kendall’s, Arian Moayed returns as board member Stewy Hosseini. “They got a little bit of mischievousness left in them,” the actor teased, noting that “Stewy always has a soft spot for Kendall.” Stewy’s biggest contribution this season “is gonna be introducing a power player” to Kendall. “That’s what he’s bringing to the table,” he said. 

Succession Season 3

Additionally, season 3 also sees Dagmara Dominczyk back as head of PR Karolina Novotney, who is left scrambling after organizing Kendall’s press conference, David Rasche as CFO Karl Mulle, Jeannie Berlin as Cyd Peach as well as Harriet Walter as Logan’s ex-wife, Lady Caroline Collingwood, Hiam Abbass as Marcia Roy, his third wife, and Zoë Winters as his current assistant.

Meanwhile, Juliana Canfield is back as Kendall’s assistant Jess Jordan, Natalie Gold as his estranged wife, Rava Roy, and Annabelle Dexter-Jones as his current girlfriend Naomi Pierce.

This season, there’s no shortage of amazing guest stars. Alexander Skarsgård will appear as the successful, confrontational tech founder and CEO Lukas Matsson, while Adrien Brody, in a rare TV appearance, will play Josh Aaronson, a billionaire activist investor who becomes pivotal in the battle for the ownership of Waystar. 

“We rumble a bit,” Cox teased of Logan’s interaction with the two. When it comes to Brody, Strong said he’s one of the greats. “He’s a wonderful guy, brilliant actor and I loved working with him,” he shared, while adding that “some amazing people” have joined season 3.

Succession Season 3

Sanaa Lathan joins as a high-powered New York attorney named Lisa Arthur and Hope Davis will play Sandi Furness, daughter to Roy’s longtime rival and owner of another media conglomerate, Sandy Furness (Larry Pine). 

While she couldn’t share anything specific about her role (“They’ve been very explicit, so y’all are going to have to wait”), Lathan admitted she quickly became a fan of the series after being offered the role. “I wound up bingeing both seasons and I was blown away by the writing and the acting,” she said. “It’s just, you know, pure entertainment.” 

Snook, meanwhile, revealed the two have a scene together. “What I love about it is they allude to a friendship before,” she shared, adding that “it’s so much fun to be able to create a history. So, we had a lot of fun imagining what these two people might’ve been getting up to when they’re going through college. Like, who they were back in the day, you know?” 

Succession Season 3

Additionally, Stephen Root, Justin Kirk and others will pop up in various roles throughout the season while Ziwe makes a hilarious meta appearance as a late-night talk show host and comedian. 

And other new faces include Linda Emond as senior White House aide Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven, Jihae Kim as PR consultant Berry Schneider and Dasha Nekrasova as Berry’s co-worker, Comfry.  

And while Culkin is “game” to have his famous siblings on the series, don’t expect Macaulay or Rory to pop up in season 3. “That would be cool, wouldn’t it?” he said of the idea.   

Succession season 3 premieres Sunday, Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. Want to watch more? Catch up on seasons 1 and 2, which are now streaming on HBO Max. (We may receive an affiliate commission if you subscribe to a service through our links.)

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Image Succession Season 3


Stacy Lambe

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Stacey Dash is opening up about a personal struggle. On Thursday's episode of The Dr. Oz Show, the 54-year-old actress reveals that she's struggled with drug addiction.

In a sneak peek clip, Dash says that, at one point, she was taking "18 to 20 pills a day." When Dr. Oz notes that taking that many Vicodin a day is "expensive," Dash responds, "Yeah, I lost everything."

In a Facebook post, Dash reflected on her decision to open up about her struggles, calling it her "deepest, darkest secret."

"I thank the Lord for being able to say that I have grown more over the last 5 years than I have in my entire life. I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who have loved and supported me through my most challenging time," she wrote. "Thank you all! I encourage anyone who has a story they are scared of telling to share it with the world. You never know who will be able to relate to you and who it can help."

In another clip of the upcoming episode, Dash addresses her past controversial comments, telling Dr. Oz, "I'm not homophobic. I'm not racist. I was just angry and it benefited me."

Dash joined Fox News as an on-air commentator in 2014, but her contract was not renewed in 2017. While at the network, Dash was suspended in 2015 after she made a profanity-laden remark on air about former President Barack Obama

In a 2016 interview with ET, Dash once again found herself embroiled in controversy when she said that transgender people should pee in bushes and that feminism was ruining men.

While speaking to DailyMailTV in March, Dash apologized for her past comments.

"There are things that I am sorry for. Things that I did say, that I should not have said them the way I said them," Dash said. "They were very arrogant and prideful and angry. And that's who Stacey was, but that's not who Stacey is now. Stacey's someone who has compassion, empathy."

"God has forgiven me, how dare I not forgive someone else," she continued. "I don't want to be judged, so how dare I judge anyone else. So if anyone has ever felt that way about me, like I've judged, that I apologize for because that's not who I am."

Dash's full interview will air on Thursday's episode of The Dr. Oz Show. Local air times can be found on the show's website.


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