Keri McNaughton

Duluth, GA (Gwinnett Daily Post) -- A Duluth, Georgia, Police Department officer has been placed on administrative leave following a family incident in which he allegedly told his wife and her daughter he was “going to put a bullet in everyone’s head in the house.”

Keri McNaughton, 39, was arrested on Monday and charged with making terroristic threats or acts, a felony, after his wife’s daughter called 911 following an argument, a police report said.

According to the report, McNaughton told police he had drank about six beers prior to the dispute, which started because his wife was upstairs at their Buford home doing laundry when McNaughton apparently thought she should be in bed “because she (had) work in a couple of hours.”

“(McNaughton’s wife) said she went in the (daughter’s) room to put away her clothes and went back to doing the laundry,” the report said. “She stated that Keri became angry with her and started yelling at her for being up late doing the laundry. She said Keri had said he is going to put a bullet in her head.”

While making the alleged threat, McNaughton “put his fingers to (his wife’s) head and acted like he pulled the trigger,” the report said.

“(The wife) then stated Keri said he was going to put a bullet in everyone’s head in the house,” the report said.

At that point, after hearing McNaughton allegedly tell her mother “numerous” times “I will (expletive) murder you,” the daughter tried to intervene.

That’s when McNaughton turned on her, the report said.

“(The daughter) said Keri told her, ‘I will murder you, you (expletive n-word,)’” the report said. “(The daughter) stated she ran into her room to call the police and thought she heard the clicking sound of a gun. She stated she heard a slam and it got quiet.”

Responding Gwinnett County Police Department officers arrested McNaughton and took him to the Gwinnett County Jail, where he bonded out the same day.

The Duluth Police Department subsequently placed McNaughton on administrative leave. Further personnel action may be taken as a result of a department investigation, Duluth Police Department officials told the Daily Post.

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