GRANITE CITY (KMOV) -- Nearly 1,000 jobs could be lost following a potential closure of the U.S. Steel Plant in Granite City.

News 4 heard from the union as it pushes to save the jobs even though the company says staffing levels won’t be immediately impacted. Over a two-year period, the facility will lay off 950 workers.

The company is planning to sell and repurpose the blast furnaces in Granite City and switch to a different type of production for something called pig iron. The company’s release said the transition is not expected to impact immediate staffing levels at Granite City Steel.

The union said this is a scheme to betray local workers. It put out a statement late last night saying in part:

“The announced potential agreement could cause the permanent shut down of the steel making and finishing operations at the granite city works. The result would be the permanent loss of close to one thousand jobs at ‘the mill.’”

Just a few years ago, former President Donald Trump traveled to the plant to celebrate bringing back hundreds of workers after an announcement of tariffs on imported steel.

The Granite City economy has depended on the steel industry for about a century.

“It’s, obviously, going to hurt tremendously on the amount of people that work there but then the overall of everyone else that’s in and out of there too,” said Michael DeBruce, owner of Park Grill near Granite City Works. “For the people that don’t live here, they still got to come here. So, if they don’t live here--they’re coming into town. They’re coming here to eat. They’re buying gas.”