EUREKA, Mo. ( - The rules of the road remain the same, but now there's a new mode of transportation becoming popular in Eureka. 

Eureka's Board of Alderman approved an ordinance September 3 allowing people to drive golf carts on most main city roads.

“On days like today when it’s absolutely beautiful out, people love to hop on the cart with the kids and head to old town and grab some food," said Blake Hutchcraft. 

Hutchcraft owns Scoreboard Automotive in Eureka, a car dealership where he now also sells golf carts. 

“I thought, you know, what better way to capitalize on that than try to offer them to the public," said Hutchcraft. 

Hutchcraft received his first shipment of golf carts on Tuesday and sold two. 

“I’ve already been on the phone and ordered two more six-seaters and eight-seaters because people were blowing us up all day. It was a crazy day," said Hutchcraft 

The city requires golf carts that will be driven on roads to have turn signals, seat belts, taillights, rear-view mirrors, and a parking brake among other features. Drivers must also be 16 and have a valid license and insurance.

All golf carts must also be registered through the city, which is free, before they can be driven on main roads. 

“Anytime you get lower speed vehicles on streets, it’s a safety concern," said John Boggs, who is the building commissioner for the City of Eureka. 

Boggs says he was surprised 14 people have already applied for golf cart permits.

“I kinda look at the golf carts the same way as you did the little mini scooters that were a fad here a few years ago. They’re there, they aren’t going as fast as you need to go," said Boggs. 

Eureka police say they can ticket drivers on golf carts for not wearing their seatbelt or not using a turn signal. Failing to have any of the requirements for the specific cart could result in a $50 fine. 

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