81-year-old shot in the face with a BB gun while shopping in South City

Norma Robinson, 81 was shot in the face with a BB gun on the parking lot of a South City shopping center. Credit: KMOV

Norma Robinson said she was walking back home after shopping at the Family Dollar on South Broadway in the Chariton Square Shopping Center around 7:00 Tuesday night, when a man in a dark-colored SUV almost ran her over in the parking lot.

"If I would've had something on me, I would've shot back," said Norma Robinson. "I would have."

After yelling at the driver to stop, Robinson told News 4 he circled back.

"He raised his arm with the car window down and then that's when he aimed straight for my face," said Robinson.

The 81-year-old was shot in the jaw with a BB gun from point-blank range, leaving the great grandmother's face swollen.

"It penetrated all the way through and I grabbed my face," said Robinson. "Blood was gushing down my hands, arm and coat real bad."

X-ray scans show where the pellet penetrated. The metal ball is still lodged inside her jaw after a trip to the emergency room.

Robinson said she's been shopping in this area of south St. Louis for more than 15 years and has never had any issues with anyone.

"You've never seen this man before?" asked News 4's Eric Cox.

"Not that I know of and I was so in shock," said Robinson. "I don't know if I could halfway identify him."

Still, she hopes someone else can, before another unsuspecting shopper gets hurt.

"Will you continue shopping over there on South Broadway?" said Cox

"I don't know, I won't be up there at night," said Robinson. "I don't know, I just don't know."

Robinson said her surgery to have the pellet removed is set for Friday morning.

Officers have reviewed surveillance footage of the parking lot from area stores, but the video's very dark.

Police are asking anyone with information to please come forward.

Robinson said she believes a woman who was shopping in Family Dollar at the same time she was got into the suspect's SUV.

She wants that woman to do the right thing, and turn the man who shot her in.

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