ST. LOUIS ( – A 12-year-old girl has died almost a month after being hit by a St. Louis County police car, according to the St. Louis Police Department.

Read: ‘She flew in the air and came back down’; officer who hit girl during chase was reportedly driving 29 MPH over the speed limit

Akeelah Jackson was hit by the police car around 5:50 p.m. in the 8900 block of Halls Ferry on Oct. 14. The 25-year-old officer was reportedly chasing someone reaching speeds of 59 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone with no lights or sirens on when Jackson stepped into the street.

A witness to the incident told News 4 that Jackson looked up at the squad car and had no time to react.

Akeelah Jackson

Akeelah Jackson was critically injured when a St. Louis County police cruiser hit her in the 8900 block of Halls Ferry on Oct. 14.

"The car hit her and she flew in the air and came back down," said the witness.

“She nearly broke every bone in her body. Both legs, arms, skull fracture, jaw, teeth missing, and knocked out her wrist,” Willie Jackson, Akeelah Jackson’s father, previously told News 4.

After hitting the girl, police said the officer stopped, reported the incident and is cooperating with the St. Louis Police Department. 

"I feel they need to pay for what they did to my niece," Akeelah Jackson's aunt, Michelle Jackson said. "They need to suffer or something. It is not fair."

There was no video of the incident.

"Her life was stolen from her. I feel the police stole her life," Michelle Jackson said. "I feel he needs to pay for what he did to my niece."

The girl was pronounced dead at the hospital during the early morning hours on Nov. 12, St. Louis police said.

"I'm going to miss ... I'm going to miss her like crazy," Michelle Jackson said. 

Following the news of Jackson's death, St. Louis County police released the following statement:

The news of Akeelah’s death is heart-breaking. She and her family will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

"We were not expecting the worse. We thought she would get better," Michelle Jackson said. "Every time the doctor came in the room they would say she's not getting any better." 

St. Louis County police also said the Bureau of Professional Standards is still investigating the officer's actions during and leading up to the incident. The officer, who has four years experience, is still a member of the police department, officers told News 4 Tuesday morning.

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