Two dogs are at the St. Louis County Animal Control after attacking a teenage girl and officer in Woodson Terrace Saturday.

Woodson Terrance Police responded to call around 2:30 p.m. in the 9200 block of Harold after two dogs left their home through a window and chased down a Boy Scout leader who was in the neighborhood handing out food drive bags, Sgt. Jason Simonpietri with Woodson Terrace Police said.

One of the dogs bit the scout leader. Then, that same dog continued down Harold Dr. and attacked a 15-year-old girl, biting her three times in the abdomen, chest and on the hand.

When an officer with the Woodson Terrance Police Department arrived, the same dog bit him in the hand. The second dog began to charge at the officer while he was being bitten. Sgt. Simonpietri said that’s when the officer shot both dogs, non-fatally.

Larry Quinn owns both of those dogs. One is a Doberman and the other is an American bulldog mix.

"The officers told me they had to shoot both my dogs," said Quinn, through tears.

He was not home at the time of the attack but said he was shocked to learn they were capable of this behavior.

"My dogs have been nothing but friendly to my kids, my family, people that come over," said Quinn.

He also said he never leaves the windows open wide enough for the dogs to escape. Quinn believes his dogs must have felt scared and threatened during the whole ordeal if they attacked humans.

"My dogs will only do something if they're provoked. They will not just randomly go after anyone," said Quinn.

After the dogs were shot, one of them went back into Quinn's home. Woodson Terrace PD had to coax the dog out of the home with dog food and then animal control took both dogs. Both dogs underwent surgery for their gunshot wounds.

The officer who was bitten will be having surgery on his hand sometime next week.

"I don't see him coming back to work for several months," said Sgt. Simonpietri, "l ‘m our department K-9 handler and it's one of the worst dog bites that I've ever seen in 6 years as a K-9 handler."

The dogs' fate is still up in the air as animal control has the final decision on euthanasia. Quinn is worried he will never get to bring his dogs home again but he's just as upset that his dogs caused so much harm.

"I'm already kind of heartbroken as it is and it really sucks, and I do feel for the officer and whoever else got hurt," said Quinn.

Both the Woodson Terrace officer and the teenage victim have been released from the hospital.

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