(FOX Carolina) - A little boy's mother  thought she knew all there was to know about bullying.

Sandy Lundy-Resnick said she talked to her kids non-stop and never missed a chance to spend time with them.

Last April, her 11 year-old son tried to take his own life because of bullying. She said Shane died just 3 days later.

It was important to her that Shane's memory live on but more importantly that other kids facing similar battles could be helped. 

"He would have been a star, Shane would have made Broadway, there's question in my mind," Jean Teverbuagh said. She told her grandson, "Shane you have 'it' you've got 'it' because I saw him perform and I said 'you just come alive when you're on stage'."

His grandparents in Anderson County, Jean and Roy Teverbaugh, said this little boy's beaming smile became brighter than the show lights he loved when he was face-to-face with a Broadway stage.

"The cast from Phantom, that was the first play he went to and that's what really got him so passionate about theater," Jean said.

His mother, who lives in New York, said Shane's passion for Broadway wasn't accepted by everyone. Some of his classmates began to bully him and no one knew.

Shane Lundy

Shane's mother says her mission is to help prevent kids from taking their own life. (Family photo/ March 13, 2019)

"It’s horrible these kids, you know, they want you to 'kill yourself' and 'you’re no good,' what kid can say that to another kid?" Jean questioned. But these Upstate grandparents say it happened to their grandson Shane, not only breaking his heart, but pushing him to take his own life at just 11 years old.

"He loved Phantom of the Opera," Roy said through tears. "They came to the funeral."

The Broadway community was so rocked by what happened, the cast of the beloved musical sang at Shane's funeral. This empathetic and artistic 11-year-old left an impact wherever he went.

His grandparents describe him as an old soul.

Lundy-Resnick says "The kids that witness bullying actually have the worst side effects long term than the kids who are actually bullied. 70% of kids say they’ve witnessed bullying. That’s huge."

Even though Shane is gone, she hopes this foundation will teach kids about standing up for others who are being bulled, showing the inclusiveness and kindness her own son showed every day.

"If she could just save one, one life, what happened to Shane will not be completely in vain. Trying to reward kids to understand that if you stand up against a bully. You’re a hero," Jean said.

Lundy-Resnick is taking her anti-bullying message as far as possible with Shane's Imagi-Nation, which she says she's in the process of making a non-profit. A slogan that speaks the message to power is at the forefront: Kind is the new cool. You can learn more about the movement here.

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