OHIO (CNN) -- A woman flying Frontier Airlines caused a stir when her emotional support animal forced the entire plane to deboard.

Passenger Cindy Torok brought her emotional support squirrel on the plane, but Frontier said they don't allow rodents.

"I said, ‘You are not taking my squirrel, sorry,’" said Torok.

Torok was visiting family in Cleveland.

She said she got her squirrel--named Daisy- to help with severe anxiety.

"She`ll fit in the palm of my hand,” she said. “I can cover her up with my other hand. She gives you kisses."

Torok said she went to the check-in desk with Daisy but when she got in her seat, there was a problem.

"[The flight attendant] said, ‘Are you getting off the plane? If you don't, then we have to deboard everybody,” Torok said. “OK deboard them! But I am taking my squirrel with me."

Everyone on the plane had to get off.

"We didn't want to get off. We were like, ‘We're ready to go let’s go,” said passenger Amanda Wiertel. “But there's a squirrel. But who would have a squirrel- no offense- as a pet?"

Police officers came to take Torok and her squirrel off the plane as well.

"It`s cruel what they did to me," Torok said.

But many passengers wondered how Torok even made it to the plane.

"She should not have been able to get past TSA if the squirrel was an animal that can't be on the plane, why did she even get as far as she did?" asked passenger Ebony Smith.

That's a good question.

Torok went through security with no problem.

She said the security officer said she could hold her squirrel so she didn’t have to put her through the X-Ray machine.

The TSA said the squirrel was screened the same way someone's cat would be screened. The container was sent through the X-Ray machine while the passenger carried the squirrel through the walk-through metal detector.

They say it is up to the airlines to determine if an animal may fly.

Torok said she understands why daisy might not be welcome on a plane.

"If somebody brought a rat or a snake or a spider, tarantula onto the plane, I would feel a little creepy. I can sympathize with the people that don't want her there but she was in a carrying case," Torok said.

Frontier said it wasn't clear Torok’s animal was a squirrel, but they still refunded her money and gave her a ticket voucher. Torok says that's not enough.

"I will own a big portion of this airline. I'm going for blood. I am going all the way. I am contacting an attorney and taking it from there," she said.

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