FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) - Cynthia Barnett says it all started with a water leak in her unit at the Northwinds Apartment Complex in Ferguson.

“My whole floor was wet, so I’m trying to get in there to stop the water,” she said.

Barnett says in April, a piece of wood from her wet ceiling fell on top of her head.

“And it knocked me out, so no, I’m not okay,” said Barnett.

The accident happened while Barnett says she was recovering from recent back surgery. She told News 4 she now must walk with a cane and wear a neck brace.

After contacting apartment management, she says they’ve been slow with the repairs.

News 4 found crews repaired the roof, fixing the leak. But Barnett says the exposed hole in her room has left her exposed to mold.

“I try to be a good resident and not complain so much, but when it’s affecting my health, I’m tired of being silent,” she said.

The property is owned by T. E.H Reality. News 4 has reported on a number of concerns from residents at properties T. E. H. Realty owns around the St. Louis area.

A spokesperson with the company sent the following statement:

“Unfortunately, the tenant in this unit did not report that her roof was leaking until the ceiling collapsed. As soon as we were notified, we dispatched a work crew to fix the leak and rehab the ceiling in the unit. We would prefer to have been notified of the situation much earlier, when we could have fixed it more easily and affordably with less disruption for the tenant, but we have no way to know when a situation like this develops unless residents notify us in a timely manner. We strongly encourage all of our residents to proactively reach out should they have any maintenance concerns or other issues to report so we can quickly address issues as they arise. We are committed to providing safe, high-quality housing for all of our tenants.”

Barnett denies their claims of her not reporting the leak to management. T.E.H. Realty has not told News 4 about their timeline of repairing the hole in Barnett’s ceiling.

News 4 took Barnett’s concerns to the City of Ferguson’s Code Enforcement Department.

Wednesday, a code enforcement investigator came by to look at Barnett’s unit. The city says their department steps in when property owners aren’t stepping up with repairs.

After city officials contacted T.E.H. Reality, they say they are planning on making repairs to Barnett’s apartment on Thursday.

The city says often times, apartment tenants don’t know they can contact them to intervene in some of these landlord disputes.

You can contact the City of Ferguson’s Code Enforcement at 314-521-7721.

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