TOWN AND COUNTY, Mo. ( - Christina Pryor says the treatment from nurses toward her brother at the Select Specialty Hospital in Town and Country was unacceptable.

“They never gave him a bath,” said Pryor.

Robert Collins was there for rehabilitation, recovering from COVID-19. His family says one night during his stay in October, two overnight nurses assaulted him.

Pryor says one threw a bed pan at Collins, who was unable to move because he had a trachea in his neck.

“I’ve never been scared of nothing in my life, I was really scared, so scared that night because I couldn’t vocalize myself, I couldn’t pull my arm away,” said Collins.

Pryor says the other nurse banged his arm against a metal railing attempting to locate a vein.

“She was taking his hand and was beating it against the bed rail, slapping it up and down, 'Come on I need a vein! Come on I need a vein!” she said.

Pryor says after those incidents, she learned her brother hadn’t been bathed in weeks.

“I opened his hand and it was just filled with dried blood,” said Pryor.

Select Specialty Hospital is an independent provider who leases space at Missouri Baptist Hospital and provides long-term rehabilitation care. 

In a letter from the hospital to Pryor, they say they take these concerns “very seriously”. They launched an investigation and say they’ve addressed all staff members involved. However, the letter did not state if disciplinary action had been taken against the nurses.

News 4 reached out to the CEO of Select Specialty Hospital for a comment and are waiting to hear back.

Pryor also filed a formal complaint with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. News 4 has reached out to the state to get an update on the status of their investigation, but have not heard back.

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