Woman fired after freeway racist rant caught on camera


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KMOV/KRON/CNN) -- It didn't take long for a video of a driver screaming racial slurs at another motorist to go viral.

Twitter users figured out who that angry driver was, and the investment bank where she worked fired her for it.

It is a road rage incident caught on cellphone video that has gone been viewed thousands of times. In it, you see a woman using foul language and making obscene hand gestures. Then she drops the N-word.

"It actually made me upset. If anyone has seen the video, I was kind of shocked that she went along and said that,” Marshaunte Farris said.

Farris was in the passenger seat recording the video. Her boyfriend, Shamiek Sheppard, was behind the wheel.

The incident happened Monday at around 10 a.m. on eastbound Interstate 80 freeway.

"And as we were leaving Richmond to go through Emeryville to get back to Oakland, she just started tripping,” Farris said.

Sheppard said he was driving in the carpool lane when it happened.

"I switched lanes. Then I just see her speed up in the rearview mirror. Then I see her swerve into the next lane. She is slamming on her brakes. You know, that can cause an accident or something. I tried to switch the lane to try to get away from her,” Sheppard said. “And she tried to swerve the lane and cut me off again, so I'm like wow, so I switched back into the other lane. And then now we're on the side of each other and she just started screaming at me out the side of her window. Started screaming all these racial slurs and stuff like that."

Farris tweeted the video from her @ogtay_ account. In the first two days, it has been viewed 130,000 times.

The tweet included the license plate number of the vehicle, so it didn't take long for Twitter users to identify the woman behind the wheel.

She was an employee at a major investment bank and financial services company with offices in the Bay Area.

"The behavior reflected in the video is completely inconsistent with our values and the individual involved is no longer employed by the firm,” said a representative from the company.

"I just wanted to post the video to hopefully make it go viral so that we could set an example that it is not OK for people to do stuff like that or for people to treat people like that to treat people like that just because of their skin color,” Farris said. “And I do think that she should be charged at least with something. She could have killed us."

The couple made an official report with the California Highway Patrol.

The incident is currently under investigation.

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