The family of a South City woman said she was hit repeatedly, kicked unconscious and left on the floor to die.

Paramedics called officers while rushing Nancy Johnson to SLU Hospital on March 18. Police said she suffered a severe brain bleed and succumbed to her injuries on March 31.

After the alleged assault, the victim’s sister told News 4 there was only a matter of days that family had left to see her one last time.

“It was a total shock of what happened to my sister,” said Frances Rudisill.

Rudisill spoke about what might have gone on inside her sister’s South City home.

“There was no reason for something like this to happen to someone. She had been with this man 30 years. He said he loved her. He was so abusive to her and we did not know it until recently,” said Rudisill.

St. Louis Police arrested Johnson’s husband, Robert, at SLU Hospital. He is charged with two counts of first-degree domestic assault. After the 55-year-old succumbed to her injuries, detectives contacted the Circuit Attorney’s Office to amend the previously issued charges against the 51-year-old suspect.

“The detective told us this is the worst case she had ever seen. She was beaten so severely. She was hit and kicked in the head until she was unconscious,” added Rudisill.

Rudisill says that it was actually friends of the couple that called for help after seeing Johnson.

“We were thinking, maybe, whatever conscience he had was getting to him,” added Rudisill. “He had been packing his bags, had all of her jewelry and a sum of money put in the bag. He was getting ready to bolt. He told paramedics she fell out of bed.”

Police said Robert Johnson later admitted to a detective that he had hit and kicked his wife.

As Rudisill deals with the pain of losing her sister, she sends a message to others suffering their own way.

“I just don’t want anyone else to have to go through this. If someone is abusing you, get out of that relationship,” added Rudisll.

Robert Johnson remains jail on domestic assault charges.

Johnson's family informed News 4 life insurance is no longer available since Johnson's death is part of a criminal investigation. The family is now struggling to provide a funeral and burial for Johnson. You can help by donating here.

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