Another blade found on shopping cart at Walmart in Festus

A woman is speaking out after suffering a minor cut when her hand hit a razor blade that was stuck in a Walmart shopping cart. (Credit: KMOV)

FESTUS, Mo. ( -- A woman suffered a minor cut when her hand hit a razor blade that was stuck into the bottom side of a shopping cart handle.

Michelle Patterson told New 4 she had just walked into the Walmart in Festus Sunday afternoon and was wiping off the handle of a cart."It stung, so I glanced down and saw the razor blade," said Patterson.Patterson said it looked like the kind of razor blade used in a paint scraper and that the right corner was embedded in the plastic handle but the left corner of the razor blade was exposed.

Walmart released a statement that said, "It’s disturbing that someone might try to injure a customer or associate, and we’re grateful no one was seriously hurt. We’ve checked all shopping carts and are currently conducting regular checks."Festus Police told News 4 the position of the blade would indicate whoever placed it there didn't intend to harm anyone. Capt. Doug Wendel said it may have been a shoplifter's tool."They'll walk in with a razor blade and slice open a package so they can steal the merchandise," said Wendel.Patterson said she just wants others to check their shopping cart handles so no one else gets hurt."If a little kid would have grabbed onto that cart that would have really sliced their little fingers," said Patterson.

The cut may be more of a small knick but Patterson said she is not taking any chances.

"I'm going to the doctor this afternoon for some blood tests and then I'll have a follow-up, I think they said in six months, just to make sure," said Patterson.

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