Greitens releases statement following 'disappointing and misguided' indictment

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens speaks during a service in Jefferson City, Mo., Monday, Jan. 9, 2017. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

Attorneys for the woman at the center of recent allegations against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens say she is asking for privacy.

In a recording obtained by News 4, the woman says to her then husband that she had a sexual encounter with Greitens. Both the recording and encounter occurred before Greitens was elected. In the recording, the woman also says Greitens tried to blackmail her to keep the encounter quiet.

The woman’s ex-husband provided News 4 with the recording, but she is not commenting on-the-record about the allegation.

News 4 Investigates Lauren Trager spoke to the woman weeks before the governor admitted to the affair. She did not want to go on camera to tell her story.

Friday, in a statement from her attorneys, the woman said the story has taken an emotional toll on her, and that she is distraught that the information has been made public.

Her attorneys’ statement also reads “It is very disappointing that her ex-husband betrayed her confidence by secretly, and without her knowledge recording a private and deeply personal conversation and then subsequently released the recording to the media without her consent.”

The statement goes on to say she consistently asked reporters not to publish the story. On Wednesday, before News 4 got confirmation of the affair from the Governor's office, we also contacted the woman's attorney who, at the time, was a different attorney than today. They told us "no comment". They did not ask News 4 to not run the story.

News 4 has honored the woman's request for privacy and made the decision to not reveal the identity of the ex-husband and will continue to keep the woman's identity a secret.

Greitens has admitted to engaging in the affair but has denied claims of blackmail. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner recently announced she is opening an investigation into the matter. An attorney for Greitens says the governor is very confident he will be cleared.

Full statement from the woman's attorney:Our law firm represents the unnamed woman in the recent story involving Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. We are reaching out to you today to ask the media and the public to respect our client's request for privacy. This story has taken an emotional toll on our client and she is extremely distraught that the information has been made public. It is very disappointing that her ex-husband betrayed her confidence by secretly, and without her knowledge, recording a private and deeply personal conversation and then subsequently released the recording to the media without her consent.

Prior to releasing the story, a number of reporters made contact with our client asking her to comment on the information provided by her ex-husband. In response, she has consistently and continuously asked the reporters to not publish the story. Any comments that were made "on the record" or "off the record" have consistently been requests for privacy. Our client is a single mother working hard to raise a family. She is saddened that during this time of national introspection on the treatment of women in our society, allegations about her private life have been published without her permission.

At this time, om client would like to thank each reporter and media outlet who honored her request for privacy prior to the story's release. She wants to remain a private citizen and does not want to be a part of this story. We are asking the media and the public to continue respecting her privacy. In response, the man's attorney also released a statement Friday. It reads:Albert S. Watkins and the law firm of Kodner Watkins, LC represents the former husband of the woman with whom Governor Greitens has admitted having a protracted affair in 2015. A release was issued earlier today by the St. Charles law firm who represents our client’s former wife.

While acknowledging the irony of the statement issued on behalf of our client’s former wife, our client has no intention of getting into a war of words with the mother of his children about betrayal, especially in light of the underlying circumstances involved.

Our client remains committed to doing that which is necessary to protect the interests of his family in general and his minor children in particular. Our client simply seeks to finally get this epic real life drug store novel in his rear view mirror.

Our client has tried valiantly at great personal, emotional and fiscal expense to keep the actions of others from compromising the integrity of the image of his former spouse in the eyes of their children. It became clear that this was not a story that was going to go away. It became clear that our client was without the ability to protect his minor children. It was clear that damage was imminent.

In this era of national heightened awareness and introspection on the treatment of victimized persons in our society, my client seeks to heighten the awareness of the reality that for every woman who has been exploited, victimized, and used by a man in a position of power and authority, there are scores of others, including spouses, significant others, friends, and minor children who become nothing short of forgotten collateral damage, carnage at the side of the interstate.

Our client respectfully suggests the national introspection referred to in his former spouse’s statement be broadened to encompass awareness of the innocents who suffer as mightily as the direct victim.

On a more specific level, our client has no interest in Governor Greitens, his political aspirations, or his future. Our client seeks nothing more than the exposure of the truth so as to permit this tragedy to allow all who have been used and victimized to commence the healing process.Copyright 2018 KMOV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

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