Samantha Casper was driving one of the multiple vehicles which lost control due to icy conditions, on the evening of Easter Sunday on Highway 67 near Sunnyside Road.

"We're driving down 67 and it's just raining, for the most part, we topped the hill and it was a winter wonderland," said Casper.

Casper told News 4 her car started spinning, went off the side of the road and slammed into several trees. She said the back windshield shattered and the collision crushed the rear of her Chevrolet Impala on the side where her 2-year old son, Brody, was sitting.

"I thought the worst. What do you think when you're in an accident like that, you're baby's in the backseat so the first priority is to get him out," said Casper.

Casper said she and her boyfriend were bruised and battered from the collision but not seriously hurt and thankfully, Brody had no injuries.

She thanked the Hemitite Fire Protection District for babysitting her dog while she and her son were taken by ambulance to Mercy Jefferson Hospital to be checked out. And Casper also wanted to thank the two people, one of them a nurse, who stopped to help.

"When it first happened a good Samaritan, a man and a woman came to my window and I just looked at them and said take my son, get him out of this car and make sure that he's okay. I want to thank them and tell them thank you so much. Without you, I wouldn't have known what I would have done."

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