Widow of Blake Snyder reacts after prosecutor says he won't seek death penalty

It's been nearly a year to the day that St. Louis County police officer Blake Snyder died in the line of duty. (Credit: KMOV)

On Friday, it was announced that St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch will not seek the death penalty as a sentence for Trenton Forster.

Instead, McCulloch is asking for life in prison without the possibility of parole or probation. Forster is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing St. Louis County officer Blake Snyder on October 6, 2016.

The widow of Officer Snyder, Elizabeth Snyder is not happy with this decision.

"I was very saddened and disappointed and a little bit angry," said Snyder

She wanted the death penalty for her husband's alleged killer. Snyder tells News 4 she was not able to help in the prosecutor's decision on what sentence Forster would face if he's convicted.

"We could tell him our feelings on it, but ultimately it was up to Bob and his choice," said Snyder.

Along with the sentencing announcement, the Snyder family learned the date of the impending murder trial. It will be on February 4, 2019.

"That was like whoa, another year for my family to be dragged through the mud and have to go through a trial," said Snyder. "It's really rough."

Snyder says she is a supporter of capital punishment for killing another person.

"I say an eye for an eye and justice needs to be served. If you're in the right mind and you're going to plan to kill someone and then you go do it, I believe that you deserve the same," said Snyder.

McCulloch has not spoken out publicly on his decision, but in a statement released from his office he said this decision was based on "a complete examination and reexamination of evidence," and "seeking a death sentence is not appropriate."

Although she doesn't agree with it, Snyder says she's putting her faith with the prosecution.

"Trying to find a positive in it, hopefully, the justice system doesn't disappoint my family and gives him life in prison with no parole, that's what we are hoping for," said Snyder.

McCulloch's office says there is no plea deal in the works.

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