White supremacist newspaper delivered to homes in Bevo Mill

The First Freedom paper delivered to homes in Bevo Mill. (Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – Many residents in Bevo Mill are upset after receiving a newspaper on their door that bills itself as a “racist tabloid.”

Someone delivered several dozen copies of a newspaper called The First Freedom to homes through south St. Louis.

Ena Hayden got home from bible study to find a copy on her door attached with a rubber band.

“It’s just a shame that there’s still really people that think like that,” said Hayden, who has lived in the neighborhood for seven years.

A few streets over, the Esparza family also received one.

“My parents were at the store and they came home and walked in with it and my dad handed it to me and said ‘is this a white supremacist newspaper?’ I said 'yeah that's what it seems like,'” said Adriana Esparza.

The newspaper is from Silverhill, AL. The front page has a Confederate flag and an article by Jason Kessler, the man who organized the Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville. Inside of the paper are racial slurs, hateful rhetoric and articles denying the Holocaust.

On the paper’s website there is an advertisement calling it “a racist monthly tabloid” with information on how to order it.

“My parents are immigrants, they’re from Mexico so it’s pretty upsetting,” said Esparza,

The person who delivered it didn’t seem to discriminate against who he gave it to, the homes with the papers attached to the door belong to residents of all colors and nationalities.

But the feelings of disgust and shock were a common thread. Hayden has a message for the person who delivered it.

“They really need to get right with God and know that love is the answer, love is the answer to everything,” said Hayden.

One resident who did not want to be named did snap a picture of the person who was going door-to-door but News4 is not sharing it because at this point it is still unclear if he did anything illegal.

The ACLU said it is a complicated issue and would need more time to come up with an answer. But in 2012 a Missouri judge ruled that the KKK could put their flyers out because of the First Amendment.

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