With the bitterly cold weather happening this winter, it has become all too common for pipes to burst causing costly water damage.

For many this is the first time they are dealing with a problem like this. The first and most important thing to know is how to shut off the water at your home or the business where you work.

The Miller Group, an IT firm in Des Peres, were faced with this dilemma first hand.

Water poured out from a busted sprinkler head at their office threatening to ruin their computer systems.

“The sprinkler was actually upstairs in the building and it ended up coming straight through the floor,” said Brandon Miller of the The Miller Group.

Allstate Insurance agent Steve Johnson says insurance claims for water damage have spiked this week.

“The thing about a water loss claim like this is the pipe break itself is not an insured loss,” said Johnson. “That’s considered maintenance but what’s insured is the resulting damage.”

If you have a pipe burst, Johnson says the first step is to shut off the water. The second step is to start removing the water to minimize damage.

You might need to call in a water remediation company if it’s a big job. If not you might be able to do it yourself with a shop vac and a good fan but remember mold can start to develop within 24 hours.

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