ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( -- Five members of the same St. Louis-area family say they're all battling COVID-19.

The news comes just days after a teacher at Temple Israel in Creve Coeur was diagnosed with the virus. Since then, her husband, two sons and daughter-in-law have all been diagnosed.

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"Today I feel as close to 100 percent as I have been in weeks," said Jason Weinhaus.

Since March 11, Weinhaus said he's quarantined himself from his wife and two kids while battling a fever and a terrible cough. He says his symptoms started out mild, but only got worse.

"By day five, had 103-104 degree fever and that's when I went to the hospital," he says.

At first, he said the hospital wouldn't test him for COVID-19 because he hadn't traveled internationally or was exposed to anyone who had.

"From that Wednesday to Sunday, I really felt bad, I was just sitting there staring at the ceiling and the walls all day, it was pretty bad," he said.

His mother, along with another teacher, a parent and one student tested positive too.

"I was able to get a test as well because it exposed me to someone who potentially had it," he says.

Weinhaus was officially diagnosed with COVID-19 at a drive-thru site last Friday. He said four other family members have the virus too. He worries for older patients, like his mom and dad, who aren't recovering as quickly.

"My mom has suffered even more, she's been on a ventilator for over seven days, it's tough it's been a really tough thing," he said.

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