TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. ( - A Town and County woman was shocked to find a coyote hiding in her basement after getting into a fight with a neighbor's dog.

Lou Jones says last Thursday, her neighbor ran over saying her dog got loose and into a fight with another animal in Jones' backyard. They found the 90-pound dog inside Jones' basement next to the door that had a glass panel busted.

Jones believes the two got into a fight near her basement and one of them bumped up the glass, shattering it, and then chased the other inside. 

“The poor little dog that was hurt, his nose was bloody and hurt," said Jones. “There was blood all the way up to here and there’s sign of an animal rubbing against the door.”

Jones and her neighbor initially didn't realize the dog had gotten into a fight with a coyote, which was nowhere to be found. 

It wasn't until three days later when a cleaning crew smelled a strong odor in the basement and told there was a dead raccoon in the corner. Jones then called Wildlife Command Center to get the raccoon, but was surprised when the technician realized it was not a raccoon. 

“He said that’s not a dead raccoon. That’s a live coyote," said Jones. 

The wildlife technician, Matt Rothgeb, says he grabbed a large cage to get the coyote out of the basement, which had used Jones' basement as its bathroom.

“It was not giving up. I had to really fight to get this thing out of the corner," said Rothgeb. “Eventually I had to grab him by the scruff of his neck and stick my hand in the cage and move his feet until I could get him in there.”

Rothgeb says despite resisting, the coyote was not acting aggressive. 

“That was definitely the craziest thing that has happened to me at Wildlife Command Center, so far," said Rothgeb.

February and March mark mating season for coyotes. Rothgeb says female coyotes can get more aggressive during this time because they are looking to bulk up, which means they are often hunting for prey. 

“They love rabbit, that’s probably one of their main hunting things, sources, squirrels, raccoons," said Rothgeb.

Rothgeb says coyotes can easily jump an 8-foot fence and carry up to 25 pounds in their mouth. 

"They’re just kinda becoming a growing concern, especially when they’re attacking people’s animals," said Rothgeb. 

The neighbor's dog had scratches and cuts, but is expected to be okay. Rothgeb says Missouri law requires coyotes found like this should be euthanized. 

He says coyotes typically hunt at night in packs. He warns pet owners to keep a close eye when they are taking them out at night. 

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