ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. ( -- A worker at the Wentzville post office has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

It is currently unclear when the employee tested positive and how long they continued to work as a carrier of the virus.

The United States Postal Service sent a statement Thursday, saying:

"The U.S. Postal Service (Postal Service) has learned that an employee at the Wentzville Post Office tested positive for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

We are in the process of reaching out to the local public health office and will follow the guidance they provide. We believe the risk is low for employees who work at the Wentzville Post Office, but we will keep our employees apprised as new information and guidance becomes available."

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When we asked the USPS if the employee delivered mail or interacted with the public, they cited HIPPA saying they could not release that information. 

According to the county health department, the worker does not live in St. Charles County. 

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The likelihood of contracting COVID-19 from simply touching your mail is low, according to the World Health Organization. But you should still be mindful when handling your envelops and packages. 

You can take a disinfecting wipe and gently rub down your packages and envelops. A preliminary study found the virus can live on cardboard for 24 hours, however, there is no evidence currently that the virus is being spread through the mail.

Overall, your best bet is to wash your hands after you touch your mail, and make sure not to touch your face. 

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