WENTZVILLE, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- A woman is frustrated over conditions at a St. Charles County cemetery.

Gloria Ehll never visits her husband or parents without her weedwacker.

“I don’t want it to look like this, so I do it myself,” said Gloria Ehll.

Her parents and her husband are buried at Eternal Peace Cemetery off Pittman Road in Wentzville.

Overgrown weeds, hedges in need of a trim, a rusted fence, they’re all problems Ehll sees when she visits her loved ones.

Her concerns have reached Wentzville City Hall and last week, the Board of Alderman passed a new ordinance that will allow city code enforcement to crack down on poorly maintained cemeteries. The ordinance allows the city to take action against public and private cemeteries if their grass is too long, or there is a failure to care for graves, walls and buildings.

News 4 spoke with Bryan King, who owns Eternal Peace Cemetery. He took over the cemetery after his father died. He owns another business and admits he never wanted to do both. He said he is aware of the concerns and says the city has given him until August 19 to comply with issues like fixing the fence and trimming the hedges. As for the grass and the weeds, he says the wet spring and summer are to blame.

“Every cemetery in St. Louis has had problems similar to ours recently. The good news is that we have an excellent forecast this week and all three of the workers will be out there all week as our goal, as always, is to have our cemetery in top shape by our next burial which is Friday,” King said.

Ehll says she hopes the city’s ordinance will make things in the future for her loved ones and others.

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