WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- The man who allegedly shot a Webster Groves police officer along I-44 Tuesday night has died. The police officer was released from the hospital Wednesday.

44 closed due to officer shot

The shooting happened on I-44 near Elm around 8:30 p.m. Two police officers responded to a stranded vehicle near the center median. 

As one officer approached the stranded car, the driver got out and started shooting at the police officer, St. Louis County police said. The officer returned fire and both people were shot multiple times. 

The police officer was able to apply a tourniquet to himself and was rushed to the hospital by the second police officer. The Webster Groves police officer is about 36-years-old and has seven years of law enforcement experience. 

"Thankfully he was able to apply that tourniquet. Thankful he had a second officer there to expedited his arrival to the hospital and he had all those things going at the same time," said Sergeant Ben Granda, with St. Louis County police.

Police identified the man killed by officers as 23-year-old Qavon Webb, of the 4200 block of Springdale Avenue in North St. Louis County. Police believe he was the only person inside the car.

The Webster Groves Police Department requested the help of St. Louis County Police Department to conduct the investigation.

Police are trying to find out who called police about the stranded car. They believe that person is key to the investigation.

Missouri Highway Patrol first said a St. Louis City police officer was shot, but that was not accurate. Shortly after that initial report, authorities said it was a Webster Groves officer.

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