HIGHLAND, Ill. (KMOV.com) -- If a deal is not reached soon, federal workers will miss a second full paycheck.

Tanya Rammerskirchen

Tanya Rammerskirchen

For many families, the lack of income has been devastating. For Tanya Rommerskirchen, the ongoing shutdown has made her family’s future uncertain.

Rommerskirchen’s family has lived on Silver Lake on the outskirts of Highland for 13 years. She said she loves the tranquility of her home, but life these days is anything but calm.

"I love this place. I’ve never lived in a place this long. It is home, it is my safety, and there's not much that feels safe right now,” she said. “We say that we're not a third world country, but we are living like that now.”

Rommerskirchen is a nurse, and her husband is a federal employee at the prison in Greenville.

“The prison workers must go to work, that goes without saying,” Rommerskirchen said.

But, he's not bringing home a paycheck during the shutdown so their household income has been cut in half. To make matters worse, their savings is with the federal government so they can't touch their own money right now.

A lot of people have suggested taking a short-term loan, but Rammerskirchen told News 4 that would only compound the problem.

“And pay the interest on that? So you're asking me to go farther in debt for a problem I didn't cause,” she said. “There is more of a wall being built now between the government and the American people than the wall that needs to be built.”

Like others, she stops short of weighing in on the actual wall, which is the focal point of the shutdown. For now, she wants the two sides to come to an agreement, describing the political discourse as kids in a sandbox throwing sand at each other.

She said some of her creditors understand her situation, others don't.

“They need to be paid, they need their money too,” Rammerskirchen said.

Right now home improvements are on hold, any travel plans feel like fantasies. They also have two kids in college.

“We try not to plan anything right now. We plan on how to make it day by day. What to prioritize and how to figure it out,” she said. “How to try to get through it.”

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