GRANITE CITY, Ill. ( -- "Heartbroken. Total devastation. We lost everything.”

That’s how Michael and Michelle Davis said they felt when they walked into their Granite City home on August 13. The two were on vacation when the catastrophic rain destroyed almost all of their belongings the day before. Their house is a shell of what it once was and there are only a few signs left of the memories they’ve made.

“We are forced to start over with nothing basically,” Michelle told News 4.

The two are living next door at their daughter’s house while their youngest daughter is staying with friends.

“I’m just trying to get us back to where we can all be a family unit once again,” Michael said.

Granite City got nine inches of rain on August 12 in less than four hours.

After the unprecedented weather, the city chiseled away some of the asphalt on the storm drains to make them bigger. The city told News 4 it now has crews out inspecting drains, but they have to keep them narrow for safety reasons.

To help with the damage cost, the city is also applying for funding through the office of Illinois Emergency Management. Additionally, it took care of 90 homes that were considered critical. Volunteers from the Baptist Disaster Relief are helping with recovery as well.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Michael are working hard to put their home back together. They don’t have flood insurance because they said they are not in a flood zone and were told they didn’t need it.

“This has never happened in 25 years. Never,” Michelle explained.

Despite the challenges, the couple said they are extremely grateful for the help they’ve received.

“We’ve experienced so much love in the past couple weeks that it’s just unreal,” Michael said.

Now, they are simply working to move forward under the most challenging of circumstances.

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