ST. LOUIS ( – Two motorcyclists who were killed in a crash on I-70 on Friday have been identified.

Fatal crash closes westbound I-70 near Union

Fatal crash closes westbound I-70 near Union

The crash occurred just before 1:30 a.m. on the interstate near Union. Around 10 motorcycles were reportedly traveling down the interstate when one collided with a Dodge Nitro, causing a chain reaction. A total of five motorcycles were involved in the crash.

Two people were killed as a result of the crash and three others were rushed to the hospital. 

The motorcyclists who died were later identified as Lakeevis Lee, 31, and Terrell Henderson, 32, both of North County. Henderson died on the scene and Lee was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Police said Henderson fell to the ground in the crash was then hit by a passing Chevy Tahoe.

“A bike is different than a car,” said Alexis, a motorcyclist who was nearby at the time of the crash. “You can’t stop as fast as you can on four wheels with two wheels. So, when he hit one and the others were trailing behind the other motorcyclist it just caused a chain reaction.”

Alexis said she was a good distance from the pack but was close enough that the debris from the crash hit her. She was not seriously injured.

The westbound lanes of the interstate were closed until around 6 a.m.

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