MILLCREEK, UT (CNN/KSI) --- A terrifying moment for an Utah father of two as he's trying to take cover from flying bullets. 

A crime that was all captured on a home security camera during the middle of the afternoon Sunday.

"Oh my... this guy just shot at me. Three shots, " said Chris Ollerton. "This guy just shot at me."

The shooting all started from the sound of two mini motorcycles cruising up and down the middle of the street. 

Ollerton's 6-year-old son was riding with training wheels alongside his nine year old brother. 

Shocking video shows the gunman,  identified as 61-year-old Richard Lindem walking into the street and stopping the boys. He then confronts the 9-year-old, scolding him, and then smacks him in the face.

Afterwards, Lindem walks over to the 6-year-old yells at him and hits him in the face.

"I saw this man pull back and punch my 6-year-old son," said Ollerton.

That's when the father came running over.

"I want to beat the crap out of him. When I was heading towards him, I had full intentions of tackling the guy and smashing his head into the street," he added.

But as he goes to confront Lindem, that's when a gun is pulled.

"I was looking at him right in the eyes. He was pointed right at me when he took the shot," said Ollerton.

Quickly, Ollerton tells his kids to run for help. His 9-year-old was seen clearing fences to get home.

"He was just yelling at me saying that we're destroying the neighbor letting my kids ride their motorcycles around," said Ollerton."I was just yelling dude 'it's not worth it. No one needs to die'."

Chris says as he was trying to keep an eye on Lindem after he put the gun down but Lindem began to fire three shots at him. 

"I'm like 'holy crap'. So I started to run backwards, but I'm trying to keep an eye on him at the same time I'm running backwards to take cover, and he fired two more shots," said Ollerton.

Lindem later barricaded himself inside his home before being arrested by a SWAT team.

"I'm just happy my boys weren't hurt. I'm still able to be here and be their dad," he said.

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