SOUTH ST. LOUIS CITY ( -- Clean up is underway in South City where a church collapsed Sunday.

Neighbors say it was a long time coming. 

Nick Henderson lives next door to Prophesy MB Church on South Jefferson near Accomac. He recorded the collapse on his cell phone. He happened to be outside because the building partially collapsed about an hour earlier and he was helping firefighters clean up. 

“Everyone sort of felt the shake in the ground because it was a fair amount of brick that fell," said Henderson.

The church, which also served as a food pantry, had been vacant since May when the city of St. Louis condemned it after it first partially collapsed. 

The pastor, Johnny Chester, says he paid at least $35,000 in repairs since his church took over the building in 2015. 

“We took a hit and I am greatly sorry that this tragedy happened to us," said Chester.

He blames a roofing contractor for Sunday's collapse. Chester claims they failed to finish a job. News 4's attempts to reach the contractor were unsuccessful. 

Sunday, the groundskeeper, Charles Wilson, was at the property cleaning up bricks. He says he was inside Saturday checking up on the church when part of the building collapsed. 

 “It was cracking and squeaking," said Wilson."When it started shaking I started running."

Thankfully, no one was hurt; however, two cars parked nearby on Accomac were damaged. 

Chester says he plans to surrender the property to the city Monday because he can't afford to hire a demolition company to clean up the mess. The city tells News 4 it can decide whether or not to accept it. 

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