DENVER (KDVR/CNN/Meredith) -- The coronavirus has forced social distancing across the nation, and it’s difficult for a lot of people.

The separation can be particularly hard for teachers, who often have an emotional bond with their students.

So, one teacher in Colorado came up with a creative and generous way to connect with her students during the pandemic.

Jean Witt made 27 stops over the weekend to let all her kindergarten students know just how much she cares.

"This is something we never expected, and so it's really hard not to be able to see my students," she said.

Witt has been at the school since it opened 20 years ago. March 12 was the last day she taught inside a classroom.

"I felt like I was going to see the children again,” Witt said. “And then, we received an order again last Friday that schools were going to be closed longer. So we had a 30 minute time slot to come into the building and grab anything we want for teaching."

This was especially difficult for Witt, because this is the last kindergarten class she'll teach. She plans to retire at the end of the school year.

"So I thought, ‘I want to go see my kids one more time,’” she said. “ So we made this plan to go visit and drop off bags."

Witt filled the bags with educational games and books - all sanitized - and hand delivered them to all of her kindergartners..

"We made a route. My husband was the driver (laughs). Our daughter was the photographer," Witt said.

And what was captured still brings tears to Witt’s eyes.

"It was heartwarming. It was so special to stand there,” she said. “In the video, you don't see it all. But some children just stood there with their hands up against the glass just standing there. I couldn't step back from some of them."

Witt will see her students again via online lessons, but she said this won’t be the last time she sees them in person.

"I will make sure that I see them before the next school year begins,” Witt said. “I will plan something."

The Facebook video of Witt delivering the care packages has garnered well over a thousand views.

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