CHESTERFIELD, Mo. ( -- A Chesterfield couple captured the moment they rescued a baby deer from floodwaters Wednesday.

Maria Magner and her husband were assessing the floodwaters behind their home in Chesterfield when they noticed the baby deer fighting to swim.

“She couldn’t touch at that point, so I think maybe a minute or two and she probably wouldn’t have made it," said Maria Magner. 

Magner's husband, Rory Deol, waded into knee-deep water to rescue the fawn. 

“She was walking towards us as we were approaching and crying more and more and right before I got to her, you could see she just kinda gave up and her legs went up, and that’s when I pulled her out of the water," said Deol. “She was totally limp and shivering, and I was just kinda shocked by what was happening."

The couple decided to take her inside their home after consulting with the Animal Rehabilitation Clinic, where they volunteer. 

“We brought her back into the house, dried her off, warmed her up with a heater and she eventually went to sleep, just seemed pretty exhausted," said Deol.

The fawn slept in the couple's bathroom wrapped in a blanket. 

They released her Thursday morning once she had recovered her strength and several adult deer seemed to be waiting for her in their backyard.

“I like to think that she’s out there, that she made it...that we just happened to be in the right place at the right time," said Magner.

Magner captured a picture of the fawn turning back around and looking at them before running off with other deer. 

Baby deer
She turned and looked at the couple before disappearing into the tall grass Thursday morning.



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