DAYTONA BEACH, Fl. (CNN) -- Video from a Ring doorbell camera shows the man delivering a package, and riding away after stealing a child's bike.

A Ring camera on the front porch of the house in Orange County near Mount Dora was rolling when a delivery driver came to the door. 

He puts the package down then takes a picture to confirm the delivery. 

Pretty normal stuff but then you see him walk over to the driveway, check out a girl's bike leaning up against the trash cans, then pulls it out, hops on the seat and rides away on it going down the driveway and taking the bike. 

"i was furious and then after that, I was just, I was almost appalled, that someone would do that," said Kristin Casey, homeowner. 

Casey said she saw it all happen, on her Ring app while away from home. 

The bike belongs to her 11-year-old daughter.

She called the orange county sheriff's office and amazon and today she heard back from the sheriff's office that the driver was identified, and contacted and, he had an excuse, for why he took it.

"He believes that the bike being right there by our recycling bin was in fact garbage and that that is why he took that bike," said Casey.

The garbage cans, were close to the house...a long way from the curb.

Even so...All Casey wants is the bike, not for the driver to get put in cuffs.

"I think deep down everybody is good at heart and I believe he is a great person at heart, who made a big mistake," said Casey.

She said the sheriff's office told her the driver has agreed to return the bike.

She hopes everyone learns from this.

"Hey watch what's on your front porch, because you don't know what might walk away or ride away," said Casey.

In a statement -- Amazon announced the man is no longer working as a delivery driver for the company.

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