ST. LOUIS ( -- There's been a lot of confusion about parking on Washington Avenue as police try to restore order in downtown St. Louis.

Signs state there's no parking from 6 p.m. until 8am Friday through Sunday, right next to a parking meters that add to the confusion.

Jesse Woolfork, the co-owner of "Dictate Never Accept," said it's this confusion that's halting their business. "I've seen it close hand, where somebody was out here, and you guys are saying that there's no parking, but everyone is out here parking and you all are taking money, what's going on? It's very confusing," said Woolfork.

Last weekend, trucks towed multiple of cars off Washington Avenue. "No notice, just the police on his loud speaker saying that the streets from 11th to 14th street would be closed at 6:30, you have 30 minutes to move your vehicle," Woolfork recalled.

There are signs posted saying no parking, but Woolfork told News 4 it wasn't being enforced. The new enforcement is part of an effort to keep the peace after several disturbances on the strip.

Woolfork said it's really put a hurt on their store. "Since they've been blocking off the street, no street traffic, no business. You have the roads closed sign posted and police - that doesn't say come down here it's safe, it says don't come down here, something has happened, it's dangerous. it just don't look good,” he told News 4.

Normally customers park right out front of his shop - with an in and out mentality. Woolfork now said customers don't feel as safe walking a further distance with their belongings.

"With the street being blocked off, they don't want to do that, they don't want to walk around, maybe they have expensive clothing from here and don't want to walk downtown St. Louis with their expensive bags," said Woolfork.

News 4 has called and messaged city police and the treasury office to see if this will be permanent. If so, Woolfork suggests a time change.

"Maybe change the time to a little bit later, maybe like 8 or 9ish because all of the ruckus don't start until it's midnight, 1 or 2 in the morning, so maybe have a curfew for the block," said Woolfork.

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