Valley Park residents allowed back in their homes on city's 100th anniversary

The streets of Valley Park have been relatively empty as floodwaters rose. Credit: KMOV

Although the Meramec crested in Valley Park Wednesday, it will still be a while until residents are allowed back in.

In the meantime, those who did not have to deal with flooding are seeing what the water has done to parts of their community.

"This isn't something you see every day. You got to check it out," says Jeff Engelmann and Erin Gibbons.

Engelmann and Gibbons say the water has gone down significantly since Tuesday near the intersection of Forest and Highland. But the water is not going away anytime soon.

"It is a nuisance. It is unfortunate. It really puts a damper on things with the traffic situation," he says.

Speaking of that traffic situation, you still can not get into parts of Valley Park. At Highway 141, when what would be rush hour, not a single car was on the road. That's partly because it's all blocked off by St. Louis County Police. No one will be allowed in until the flood waters go down.

"Those residents deserve to get in as fast as they can. When we are able, we are still asking people not come down and take a look at the flood damage until the flood water is no longer on the levy.," says St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar.

Valley Park's Mayor, Mike Pennise says he is hoping to get people back in their homes at the earliest Friday morning. It all is dependent on how quickly the Meramec's water level goes down.

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