ST. LOUIS ( -- On Memorial Day at Casa Juarez Mexican restaurant on Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights, customers said they were glad to finally eat lunch at a restaurant again.

"I like being out with family, not eating at home," said Carlos Flores.

Flores enjoyed lunch with three of his family members.

"And I actually love it better because I'm not home alone and eating and watching TV," said Magdelina Flores.

Social distancing limits the number of customers who can be in restaurants and other businesses at one time. But owner, Alfredo Flores said business was down 40% over the weekend, compared to a normal weekend before the pandemic.

Alfredo Flores told News 4 he could have reopened last Monday, but chose to wait till Thursday so he could be sure of his safety procedures.

"But we chose to take some steps before we opened up, trying to train the employees and stuff like that," He said.

At Murphy's Bar and Grill in the Castillons Arcade Plaza in Creve Coeur, customers were enjoying lunch with friends in the restaurant's outdoor seating.

"It's good to just sit down with friends and eat some food," said one of the customers.

Traditionally barber shops and hair salons are closed on Monday. But some were open on Memorial Day, trying to recover from the loss of revenue while they were closed for two months.

At Anna's Hair Design in Creve Coeur, a father and son were getting their first "professional" hair cuts since the beginning of the stay-at-home order. The son was especially anxious to erase the look of the haircut that he got from his mother.

"That's what he keeps complaining, 'you guys aren't professionals, I need a professional haircut.' I said, 'Okay here you go. Now they're open, let's get a professional haircut,'" said his father.

Some restaurants said they were still doing a significant amount of take out orders because some customers are uncomfortable dining inside.

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