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MADISON COUNTY, Ill. ( -- Cases of the novel coronavirus remain on the rise at nursing homes around the country and the virus has infected 688 residents and staff and claimed 113 lives at nursing homes in Illinois counties in News 4's viewing area. 

The 113 people who have died account for 67.2% of the total deaths in the 15 counties News 4 reaches while the cases account for 30.1% of total infections. 

As of Saturday, long-term care facilities in St. Clair County carry the most number of cases at 311 and the most deaths at 45. Four Fountains in St. Clair County has the most cases at 104. Edwardsville Care Center accounts for the most cases in Madison County at 93.

The novel coronavirus is especially dangerous for the elderly with weakened immune systems. The New York Times reports about a fifth of virus deaths in the United States are connected to nursing facilities.

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Illinois' total cases reached 107,886 on Saturday and 4,800 people have died from the virus statewide. In News 4's viewing area, 2,281 people have been infected and 168 people have died. 

Here's a breakdown of COVID-19 cases and deaths by county in Illinois according to the Department of Public Health: 

St. Clair County has a total of 311 cases and 45 deaths. 

  • Four Fountains: 104 cases and 20 deaths.
  • Lebanon Care Center: 51 cases and nine deaths.
  • Memorial Care Center: 43 cases and five deaths.
  • St. Pauls: 36 cases and nine deaths.
  • BRIA of Belleville: 23 cases and two deaths.
  • Caritas Family Solutions in Belleville: 11 cases and no deaths.
  • BRIA of Cahokia: Eight cases and no deaths.
  • Knollwood Retirement Center in Caseyville: Seven cases and no deaths. 
  • New Athens Home for the Aged: Seven cases and no deaths. 
  • Swansea Rehab and Care Center: Six cases and no deaths. 
  • Help at Home in O'Fallon: Five cases and no deaths.
  • TDL Incorporated in Belleville: Four cases and no deaths.
  • Colonnade: Four cases and no deaths. 
  • Help at Home in Belleville: Two cases and no deaths.

Madison County has a total of 169 cases and 42 deaths. 

  • Edwardsville Care Center: 93 cases and 20 deaths.
  • Eden Village Care Center: 49 cases and 18 deaths. 
  • Riverside Rehab and Healthcare: 21 cases and four deaths.
  • Cedarhurst of Bethalto: Three cases and no deaths.
  • Cedarhurst of Highland: Three cases and no deaths. 

Clinton County has a total of 154 cases and 15 deaths.

  • Carlyle Healthcare Center: 82 cases and 15 deaths.
  • Warren G Murray Developmental Center: 50 cases and no deaths.
  • Clinton Manor Living Facility: 22 cases and no deaths. 

Monroe County has a total of 42 cases and 11 deaths. 

  • Garden Place Independent & Assisted Living: 39 cases and 11 deaths.
  • Oak Hill: Three cases and no deaths.  

Macoupin County has a total of six cases and no deaths. 

  • Heritage Health: Four cases and no deaths. 
  • Sunset Skilled Nursing & Rehab: Two cases and no deaths.

Randolph County has a total of four cases and no deaths.

  • Cedarhurst of Sparta: Two cases and no deaths. 
  • Coulterville Rehabilitation & Health Care Center: Two cases and no deaths. 

Montgomery County has a total of two cases and no deaths. 

  • Montgomery Nursing and Rehab Center: Two cases and no deaths. 

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