(WLS/CNN) - An Illinois woman was arrested after a video showed her saying she believes in "white power" during a physical altercation over face masks at Home Depot, according to police.

The woman identified as Teri Hill is also accused of threatening to cough and spit on another customer during the July 3 incident at the hardware store in McHenry, located about 55 miles northwest of Chicago.

Hill was charged with battery and disorderly conduct.

Sydney Waters, the alleged battery victim, told WLS-TV she was speaking with a store employee when Hill interrupted their conversation to complain about other customers not wearing masks.

Hill then took off her mask, and Waters asked her to put it back on.

"She didn't appreciate being told that and ripped her mask off and started going for the gold, saying that she was going to spit in my face, and she was going to cough on me," Waters said.

Waters said she pulled out her phone and started recording. Hill allegedly gave her the middle finger before making racist comments.

"The entitlement is disgusting," Waters said in the video.

"Yes, I am entitled. I'm white, and I'm a woman," Hill replied.

At one point, Waters called Hill a "disgusting, racist piece of trash," to which Hill responded, "I believe in white power."

After Waters tried to capture Hill's face on camera, a scuffle ensued and Waters said the two ended up on the ground. Police arrived, and after looking at the video, arrested Hill for misdemeanor battery.

"I don't deal with racism," Waters said. "It's so prevalent right now, and I feel like if you're not stopping people and you're not saying something, you're part of the problem."

WLS-TV attempted to reach out to Hill for comment but was unsuccessful.

Copyright 2020 WLS via CNN. All rights reserved.

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