PHOENIX, AZ ( ---  Customers tackled a murder suspect and disarmed him in Phoenix, Arizona last year.

Video has just been released from inside the convenience store where it all happened.

Phoenix Gas Station

Before being shot multiple times, Joel Mcclain Carson was wielding the gun.

Calls began coming into the 911 dispatcher center.

"Black male gray T-shirt. Looks to be about 250. I can't tell the height. He's got a revolver in his right hand. He's pacing the store," said one of the callers.

Police say the 53-year-old felon recently stole the weapon.

And on May 9th, 2018, he used it.

Phoenix Gas Station

Officials say Carson ambushed and shot Efran Hernandez in the head. Hernandez had recently walked through the convenience store. 

"The guy got the door blocked off, can't nobody get in," said the 911 caller.

After the gunfire, chaos erupted.

The video showed a cashier army-crawling to safety as Carson screamed at another employee to lock the doors.

Moments later, he can be seen barricading them with a donut display and ordering the hostages to a corner.

After four minutes, Carson is seen strutting with a soda.

That's when one brave man attacks.

Carson's gun misfires and then the other customers eventually join in on the takedown.

"Woah! They're tackling him! They tackled him! They tackled him!"

The first hero took the revolver away before they all but one employee runs out. The employee was quietly hiding in a back room.

For nearly an hour after the attack, Carson gets cigarettes, drinks alcohol and talks to a hostage negotiator.

Finally, the SWAT team shoots what appears to be tear gas through the window and bursts in, firing shots at the cowering suspect.

Tragically, Hernandez didn't make it to the hospital alive.

Police say many others could've died too if Carson's revolver hadn't misfired eight times.

Authorities shot and injured Carson. He spent a week in the hospital and after his release admitted to the shooting.

Carson said he "wanted police to kill him", police say. 

He is facing several charges including first-degree murder, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

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