MAPLEWOOD, Mo. ( -- A 75-year-old man was nearly hit by a train in Maplewood Saturday evening, witnesses told News 4. 

The man was rescued by strangers near Sutton and Greenwood Blvd.

According to police, the 75-year-old's car got stuck on the train tracks after he left a parking lot and turned onto Greenwood around 6:25 p.m.

Nearby bystanders quickly noticed the car was stuck and attempted to push the car out of the way. The Good Samaritans helped the man unlock his car's door and get out roughly 45 seconds before the train struck the car. 

Richard Sykora was the first to see the car get stuck on the tracks. 

"We were able to pull him from the car. About 45 seconds later, the train rounded the corner there," Sykora said. 

The front of the train crushed the back of the man's vehicle. The train and the car slid two blocks once they collided. It was a Norfolk Southern locomotive leading a Union Pacific freight train. 

No one was injured, police said.

Sykora told News 4 this is not the first time he has seen this happen in the area.

"Probably about six times in the last two years I saw cars accidentally go onto that intersection and get stuck on the tracks," Sykora said.

Gina Imo was at Foley's bar when Sykora saw the car stuck on the tracks. She was able to capture it all on her camera. Imo said a train hit a truck a couple weeks back at the same intersection. 

Mike Hoffman told News 4 he had called the police after witnessing a mini van stuck on the tracks in November.

"It could have been dangerous," Hoffman said. "Fortunately it turned out not to be so."

mini van stuck on tracks in Maplewood

A mini van got stuck on train tracks in Maplewood in November, 2018

People who live in the area told News 4 these accidents happen after dark. They believe better lighting would make it a safer intersection. Residents told News 4 they fear the next accident may be fatal.

News 4 reached out to the Maplewood Police Department and city officials about what can be done to improve safety in the area and are waiting to hear back.

Train struck car in Maplewood - fire department


Maplewood train crash

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