ST. LOUIS ( -- Another riot in a St. Louis jail was caught on camera, and footage of the incident captured major damage which is prompting changes. 

The video starts routine enough. Just after 7 p.m. Friday night, a number of detainees are seen out of the cells, on what city officials say was recreation time.

The video shows a meal being delivered and guards at their posts, all on a different floor of the St. Louis Justice Center than where a riot occurred just three days earlier. But it's still a section of the jail where officials say there are problems with the locks.

Within minutes, the mood in the video changes, and things seem to escalate. There are loud noises and furniture is thrown. Then, shortly after, the officer's station is breached.

The officer abandons their post and runs all the way out of the room. Other officers follow and suddenly, the detainees are all alone moving furniture towards the door.

They're intent on manipulating the control system and they rifle through the doors of the officer's station grabbing items until the station itself is eventually trashed.

There appears to be general chaos until one detainee throws a meal onto the camera to obstruct its view, and another detainee climbs up to the camera and more completely covers it.

Out of view, city officials say pepper spray was used to get the situation under control.

"We are trying to make the best of a bad situation that has been allowed to fester for many years," said new Public Safety Director Dan Isom.

Isom said detainees were stuffing toilet paper and toothpaste and other items into the locks, which made it clear something else had to be done.

"We've done this evaluation and determined the [correction officers] can't manage the debris being placed inside the locks," he said. "We're taking the steps to move detainees from that location to the annex pods at CJC."

Corrections officers who spoke to News 4 fear more riots like the one captured on video could come soon, and they are hoping for more permanent solutions.

The corrections department has been in the process of moving detainees back into the city's other jail, known as The Workhouse that was closed back in June.

St. Louis City's jail saw yet another uprising, but unlike the ones earlier this year, this one remained within the walls of the Justice Center. Video obtained by News 4 shows the city losing control inside the jail again. The video from inside a cell block shows a maintenance worker appearing to do some work to a cell door around 1:45 p.m. on Tuesday.

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