Video captures group of suspects breaking into cars throughout Florissant neighborhood

(Credit: Ashley Kelley)

Ashley Kelley watched her father's surveillance footage and felt uneasy. The camera showed two cars pulling up outside of her Florissant home on Estes Drive and a group of people getting out and spreading out through the neighborhood.

"It's very unsettling," said Kelley. "About 6 to 8 jump out and just start splitting up and going into all the cars around the neighborhood."

The suspects hid their identity while trying to pry into parked cars.

"They're wearing masks and gloves, so this is something planned," said Kelley.

Surveillance even shows suspects pulling door handles in the backyard, and rifling through vehicles.

"Some of the cars are unlocked and they get into them," said Kelley. "They went all the way up to my parent's house and started opening their cars up."

Kelley told News 4 the criminals only got away with pocket change, but she's concerned about what could have happened.

"It worries me that these people were there right then," said Kelley. "What if I had walked outside? What would they have done?"

With this happening at her parent's house, Kelley told News 4 now she's taking precautions at her own home.

"I put up security cameras at my own house just in case something happens," said Kelley. "Sometimes I forget to lock my car and my car has been gone through before. People are breaking into cars everywhere you go. It doesn't matter if you move neighborhoods."

News 4 reached out to Florissant Police about this case.

Police said they don't see things like this in the area.

They encourage people to report these situations and also register their surveillance cameras with the department's resident camera program.

Click here to register your camera with the Florissant Police Department and be a part of their community-police partnership.

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