Victim describes attempted carjacking in Crestwood

(Credit: Crestwood Police)

CRESTWOOD, Mo. ( -- Two suspects were arrested and charged for the attempted carjackings of two women Friday at the Kohl's store in the 9700 block of Watson Road in Crestwood.

Police say the men had shoplifted from the store but apparently their car wouldn't start.

41-year-old Korey Wess and 42-year-old Earl Hood are charged with stealing and attempted stealing.

Maria Ducharme told News 4 she was sitting in her car, on the phone when she saw the two suspects walk up to her car and she realized her doors were unlocked.

"The second I hit that lock button they started grabbing at the car door handles," she said.

Police said the suspects then went looking for another victim. Deputy Chief Ron Compton said officers arrived in less than 90 seconds after a call to 911 and found one of the suspects attempting to carjack a 75-year old woman.

Compton said, "One of the suspects was struggling with the owner of the car inside the vehicle."

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said she just got inside her car and had her keys in her hand when one of the suspects reached in the open door and grabbed her hand and demanded the keys. She refused to give up her keys. Police arrested both suspects.

Ducharme warns other woman who are out shopping they can make themselves a target if they sit in their car on the phone and are distracted.

"Lock your door, start your engine, leave. You can wait for the phone and you must be aware of your surroundings," said Ducharme.

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