ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( -- The controversy over a viral interaction between a Native American and a Kentucky high school student in Washington led to a controversy at a St. Louis-area high school.

A teacher at St. John Vianney High School has resigned because of a tweet harshly criticizing the boys in the video, who had come from a pro-life march and were accused of harassing and mocking participants of the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington D.C. in January.

She taught English at Vianney for nearly six years but stepped down from her job after she retweeted someone else's politically-charged thoughts about the happenings at the march.

The tweet reads:

“They think they're adults enough to participate in a pro-life march. they're adult enough to suffer the public consequences of being racist, hateful piles of smug privileged garbage. White supremacy, encouraged by the president and his party, needs to be lit up and brought down.”

Vianney officials said as soon as school was released for the day on Friday, Finley announced she would step down.

Students at the school were surprised Finley would have retweeted something with such incendiary language.

“I mean she's a good teacher, she has her doctorate and everything, it's just- you know, when you do retweet that sort of thing and support those ideas, you aren't representing a Catholic school,” said senior Johnathan McMahon

Ironically, her students say she taught them about media bias.

“She educated the entire student body over what kind of signs to avoid and the kind of bias to keep in mind when you search the web and engage in political discussions on social media,” said senior Ian Esteban

The teacher did provide a statement since her resignation became public.

She said:

"I resigned because I care about my students more than myself. I would move mountains for them all. They feed my soul and watching them learn and grow is my greatest accomplishment."

Vianney High School officials say a search for an English teacher replacement will begin immediately.

Finley tells News 4 she retweeted the tweet on January 20, deleted her retweet the next day. A screen shot of the retweet was picked up by St. Louis conservative radio host Jamie Allman earlier this week. From there, the retweet went viral and Vianney High School and Finley mutually decided to would be best to take her out of the classroom for the rest of the week. Her resignation became public on Friday.

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