'Very rude'; New-to-St. Louis bikes not always being properly parked

LimeBike hanging from a fence. Credit: KMOV

St. Louis’ bike sharing program is in its early days but some are noticing problems with how people are treating the bikes.

Eventually, two companies are expected to have 5,000 bikes spread across the city. The GPS-enabled bikes are all around downtown and are available for rent. LimeBike, which is currently operating, says it is off to a great start in St. Louis. However, some people aren’t parking the bikes as they should.

Some bikes are lying halfway in the gutter, one was found hanging from a fence and sometimes they’re found sprawled on the ground. One person said it takes what should be a picturesque scene and makes it look kind of trashy.

Greg Mulka, who rides a bike almost every day, says people should view the bikes as community property.

“They’re not taking responsibility for what they’ve borrowed, not taking responsibility for the community. Very rude, I guess is the polite way to say it,” said Mulka.

LimeBike says it plans on adding hundreds of more bikes over the next several months.

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