Mom outraged after 5-month-old scratched, bitten multiple times at daycare

Shayna Hula via KARK, CNN

(KARK/CNN) – A mother in Arkansas said she found several bite marks on her 5-month-old son when she picked him up from daycare.

Shayna Hula said an employee at Sylvan Hills Learning Center in Sherwood told her the incident happened during snack time on Sept. 4.

The infant had bite marks and scratches on his face, neck and wrist.

"I just immediately started crying," Hula said. "I was like, 'Look at his face! Why was I not told how horrible it was?' He's 5 months old and defenseless."

Hula called the Sherwood Police Department later that day. According to the report, Wyatt's teacher admitted fault, saying older children bit him after she put him down for tummy time.

The mom said the daycare staff "made it sound like it was no big deal" and that one of the children was a "well-known biter.”

"I think it's affected me more than it has him because it's heartbreaking to try to imagine what he went through, to know that he was sitting there, crying and going through all that pain," Hula said. "And somebody obviously let it happen."

Wyatt's bite marks have nearly healed, but some could leave a scar.

"That one right there is going to scar for sure," Hula said, pointing to one of the bites on his face.

Hula also filed a report with the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

Sylvan Hills Learning Center said in a statement that its "following licensing policy and procedure right now."

The daycare does not have security cameras.

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